The 3×3 basketball gave the first two gold medals to UNLaM

On the first day of the Conurbano Norte Regional Stage of the Argentine University Games (JUAR), at the facilities of the National University of Hurlingham (UNAHUR), the groups of basketball 3×3 from two branches of the National University of La Matanza (UNLaM) won the gold awards and opened the medal table.

The female cast, made up of Micaela González, Agustina Gómez, Renata Candelago and Maia Ferrari, debuted in Group 2 with a victory against UNAHUR, 14-5, and lost in the second match against the Universidad Nacional del Oeste (UNO), by 15 to 10. In the semifinal, the girls defeated the National University of José C. Paz, by 11 to 8, and in the final they won against UNO, by 21 to 16.

The men’s team, made up of Giuliano Michelangelli, Juan Cruz Martínez Sanz, Ignacio Utón and Matías Menéndez, defeated the National University of San Martín (UNSAM) and the National Technological University (UTN) Haedo, both by 21 to 9, for Group 2 In the semifinal they won against the National University of José C. Paz (UNPAZ), by 21 to 18, and in the final, they established themselves by beating UNAHUR in the supplementary, by 22 to 20.

In volley, the feminine was dispatched with three 2 to 0 against UTN, with two 25-5; to UNO, with double 25-8; and UNSAM, with partials of 25-17 and 25-10, winning Group 1. The men, in Group 3, dominated the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) in straight sets (25-21 and 25-5 ) and ISFD 209 Ceferino Namuncura did not show up, so UNLaM got the points.

In handballBoth teams played against Polo Educativo Escobar. The Naranjitas shone 58-5, for Group 1, and the boys 46-5, for Group 2.

In female tennis, UNLaM took the duel with UNPAZ 2-1. The doubles (Melina Nicolosi and Agustina Meneo) won 6-4 and 6-2, while in singles, Melany Quintero fell to Tatiana Lamas 0-6 and 2 -6. In the defining match, Nicolosi beat Julieta Ramírez 6-4, 6-1.

On the side of futsal, in Group 3, the women’s team beat UNSAM 6-1, with goals from Pisani (3), Curtosi (2) and Abeldaño. The men’s, for Group 3, beat ISFD 209 by 6 to 3.

In football 11, the women’s tournament beat UNAHUR 5-0, with goals from Guiliana Díaz, Laura Rojas, Noemí Fernández, Daiana Rampello and Julieta Dagostino. The men’s team, for Group 3, beat Universidad Nacional de Moreno (UNMO) 1-0, with Federico Cabanal scoring, and UNTREF 2-0, with goals from Cabanal and Mariano Yorio.

Activity of Wednesday 28

deporte Time Place Rival
Chess 8 a 18 Military school
Athletics 8 a 18 Olympic Park
Soccer 11 women 11.50 Military school UNPAZ
11 men’s football 10.30 Military school UTN
Futsal fem 21.20 Cathedral UTN
Futsal masc 16 Cathedral UNPAZ
Handball fem 14 Military school UNPAZ
Handball masc 12.30 Military school FAMOUS
Hockey 9 Hurling Club UNPAZ
swimming 11 a 13.30 GEI
Women’s Rugby 7 12.20 Hurling Club UNAHUR
Rugby 7 masc 9.30 Hurling Club UNSAM
10.30 UNDEL
11.30 UNTREF
womens tennis 13 GEI UNSAM
men’s tennis 9.15 GEI UNTREF
Table tennis 8 a 18 Military school
women’s volleyball 10 a 13 GEI Rooms
men’s volleyball 8 GEI FAMOUS


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