Roger Federer already visualizes the future

Roger Federer broke the silence. After publicly announcing his retirement, he opened up to the press and confessed on the eve of the Laver Cup.

“I felt at the beginning of the summer that my progress was not good, that my knee was not leaving me alone. At Wimbledon, I still believed in it, I thought I still could. Then I got the CT scan which was not great and there was no further progress. Within a few days, I thought it was over. Honestly, I no longer wanted“he told the media RTSsport, already in London.

On the day of the announcement, he confessed: “That day was not easy, I was very moved. At the time of the announcement, it was more my parents and Mirka who were affected, I was a little more relaxed. Then I had one or two tears But I’m happy and glad that I took the step. I’m very relieved and happy that I had the career that I had.”

And the future? “I would like to organize an exhibition with the players of my choice, and I hope to do it in the next 6 months. I myself don’t know exactly what my future will be like, but I would like not to go completely crazy away from this sport that has given me everything“.



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