Resignation of the President of the HJV

At the general meeting on September 18, 2022, HJV President Willi Moritz announced his resignation after having previously signed a revocation of the invitation to the general meeting on October 16, 2022.

With regard to the vice president for administration (Werner Müller), the legal committee of the HJV had determined his resignation on May 31, 2022, ruled out the suspensive effect of a possible appeal and opened the way to ordinary jurisdiction. However, Werner Müller and the overwhelming majority of the entire board did not recognize that this excluded the general meeting as a second instance, and also assumed that an objection lodged with them would have a suspensive effect.

Since it was disputed whether Werner Müller was a member of the statutory board of directors of the HJV on the day of the meeting or not, he announced his resignation from the office of Vice President for Administration. In this connection he expressed the wish that the decision of the legal committee of the HJV concerning him should be reviewed at a later point in time. He considers it to be incorrect in terms of content.

After the resignations, the undersigned remains as the last incumbent member of the statutory board and will invite to a general meeting as soon as possible, which will carry out new board elections. The general meeting originally called for October 16, 2022 will not take place.

Prof. Dr. Axel Schoenberger



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