RECOMMENDATION: Five Baseball Books You’ll Love to Read (Part 1)

We present these titles that will captivate you and that will make you experience this sport in a very different way.

We all love baseball in one way or another, and a way to enjoy the game can also be with a book, so we present the first baseball book recommendation that you will love.

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Thinking that there are all kinds of fans, this first list has titles that will be attractive for those who play baseball and for those who like to know the history of some of the protagonists, in addition, we will tell you where you can buy it physically or virtually.

This is the first installment of 5 baseball books you will love:


If you play baseball, you have to read this book. Just as you must be physically prepared to play, here you will know how to be mentally ready to face all the challenges that this sport presents to you in all its facets. You will learn how to forget about your last turn at bat if it went wrong, how to stay focused if you enter the mound with a full house and no outs, how to win the psychological battle against your rival… these are some of the topics you will find in this book.

Find it on: pages like Amazon or (it only exists in English)

BASEBALL STRATEGIES (Baseball Strategies)

The United States Coaches Association created this book that explains, step by step, how a baseball team works on the field of play. Here you will find from the function and responsibility of each position on the diamond, to the defensive formations and what movements the players have to do according to the place where a hit goes.

Find it at: Amazon (only exists in English)


A gem in which you will learn the story of a boy who in his previous life was a Major League player. Yes, it would seem like a fictional story, but it is not. This book was written by Cathy Byrd, mother of little Christian, who without being close to baseball (much less having access to information) told him about the experiences she had in MLB in the 1920s and 1930s, where she built great rivalries, among others, with Babe Ruth. Find it at: Sanborns or bookstores like Gandhi or El Sótano


This title should be read by everyone who calls himself a ‘Yankees Fan’. In this book, Joe Torre narrates the experience he lived in 12 seasons as manager of the team with the most titles in the Major Leagues, and explains what he had to do to successfully lead a squad that had, among other players, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson.

Find it at: Gandhi Bookstores or on Amazon

– JUICED (Dopado)

An extremely controversial book but one that uncovered an open secret in the Major Leagues: the use of steroids. The Cuban former baseball player, José Canseco, wrote this text in 2005 and there he narrated his experience in baseball but not only as a player, but as one of the protagonists of the ‘Era of Steroids’. There he presents names of players who used prohibited substances with the consent of coaches, managers and even the MLB office. This book helped, in large part, to clean up baseball.

Find it at: Amazon or (only in English)

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