He showed his will in the “gozen match”. W-League Aranmare Akita won 61-51 against the adult regional league Mitsuuroko (Tokyo).

Chihiro Sato (24) was inspired by the team’s highest score of 13 points, including three 3-point shots, and led them to the semi-finals. On this day, 20 players from Aranmare Yamagata, the second division of the V League, watched the game, and gave a victory in a come-from-behind victory. Today on the 3rd, we will play against ENEOS to advance to the final.

   ◇   ◇   ◇

He persevered and made it through the first round. Leading 10 points with 4 consecutive scores from the start of the 1st quarter (Q). It got off to a good start, but it was reversed in the 3rd quarter, and it was a development chasing 6 points. Still, we led by 2 points and entered the 4th quarter. “Because the opponent is tall, I decided whether to pass or shoot after watching the movement of the opponent by stopping firmly instead of laying up or jumping from the drive,” said Sen Sato. Calmly decided to shoot 2 points, 4 points difference. A free throw was decided immediately after that, but at the end he escaped with a 10-point difference.

I didn’t want to show defeat. Aranmare Yamagata players and related people traveled about 6 hours from Sakata City and rushed to support us by bus. He applauded the score and supported the victory. Captain Asuka Hiramatsu, 28, thanked the team, saying, “(The cheering) was more gratifying than the pressure. I think it gave me strength.”

In the semi-finals on the 3rd today, they will face ENEOS, a formidable opponent who lost 2 games and 2 games last season. Yuri Kimura (26), captain of Aranmare Yamagata, sent an encouragement, saying, “Don’t forget to take on challenges and do your best like Aranmare.” After hearing his thoughts, Hiramatsu said, “I wonder if what I’ve practiced so far will work or not. Head Coach Kojima wants me to have the strength to fight back when I’m stopped, so I want to communicate and fight.” I will report the victory to my friends who sent me an ale today.[Koji Aizawa]