Panic in India: Absolute mayhem and also a scramble to get cricket tickets

Almost 30 thousand people were waiting in the queue to buy the ticket for the cricket match but interestingly only 3000 tickets were available for this match but then there was a major riot in the queue. The police used batons and other means to calm the crowd.

Police officials at the scene initially downplayed the incident, saying some people had suffered minor cuts and that one officer had administered CPR to a woman in the crowd.

“Everything is fine and the injuries are not serious. We had to pacify the crowd, there was a bit of a scuffle at the counters and they are being given first aid now,” said a police officer.

Later, one of the police officers, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that seven of the 20 injured people are currently in hospital in a serious condition.

It should be noted that the Indian cricket team is currently hosting Australia in a three-match Twenty20 series in preparation for the Cricket World Cup in Australia next month.

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