on the construction site of the Porte de la Chapelle, the hope “that everything that is done here will serve afterwards” – Liberation


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A dozen young people from local associations were able to visit the construction site of the future hall in northern Paris which will house the badminton and gymnastics competitions during the next Olympics. They hope that the place will revitalize the surrounding neighborhoods.

“It looks flimsy,” worries the young girl, staring at a wall where a few thin cracks appear. “It’s reinforced concrete, don’t worry, the foundations are solid”, assures Paul Guillou. Helmet and goggles on the head, the project manager plays the guides for a day in the middle of the emerging spans of the Adidas Arena.

The future enclosure, 8,000 seats, must host the gymnastics and badminton events during the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The only Parisian site erected ex nihilo for the event. The first stone was laid a year ago. And in exactly one year, if the delivery schedule is respected, the brand new site will overlook the Chapelle district, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. In the long term, the infrastructure, which is part of a larger project of urban renewal, should make it possible to revitalize the north of Paris, neglected for a long time by the public authorities.

“Much bigger than I imagined”

This Tuesday, between 270 and 300 workers are busy on either side of the building. A dozen young people, half of them from the surrounding neighborhoods, observe the…


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