OFFICIAL – Stuck in the League 2 Degradation Zone, Fakhri Husaini Ends Cooperation with Persela Lamongan

The new coach of Borneo FC Fakhri Husaini.

BOLASPORT.COM – Fakhri Husaini officially ended the collaboration with Persela Lamongan following poor results in the first six matches of the Middle Group 2 League 2 2022-2023.

Persela Lamongan is the third team in Liga 2 after PSIM Yogyakarta and Persekat Tegal Regency.

Persela Lamongan did not appear impressive under the tutelage of Fakhri Husaini.

The former coach of the Indonesian U-16 national team failed to raise Lamongan’s public expectations in League 2 this season.

Although, Persela Lamongan was reinforced by former Indonesian national team players such as Zulham Zamrun and Shin Tae-yong’s mainstay player in the U-20 national team, Ahmad Rusadi.

As a result, Persela Lamongan and Fakhri Husaini officially ended the collaboration.

This was conveyed through the official release of Persela Lamongan.

“Persela Lamongan and Coach Fakhri have agreed to end the collaboration sooner this season,” wrote Persela Lamongan’s official release.

“We thank you for your hard work so far, and we always wish you success in your next career,” continued Persela Lamongan’s official release.

This was also conveyed directly by the coach on his personal Instagram account.


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