NBA Media Day 2022: The wildest quotes & moments at the opening of the training camp

Every new NBA season begins with media day. It’s when players can brag about how much muscle they’ve built over the offseason, when coaches and executives set expectations, and when everyone involved has a little fun as the new year begins.

Media Day has given us so many great moments over the years. Who could forget that Kawhi Leonards Roboterlachen during his induction with the Raptors? It’s often our first look at players in their new kits, which always looks incredibly strange – as Tony Parker’s brief Hornets era taught us. On media day, we also learned for the first time that Zion Williamson was injured prior to last season. He wouldn’t play all year.

Here are the best and worst moments from NBA Media Day opening the 2022-2023 season.

Kevin Durant says he has nothing to prove to Nets fans

Meanwhile, Durant’s boss said he wasn’t his boss.

Everything with the nets is, as always, extraordinarily normal.

Kyrie Irving sums up the Nets’ offseason in one word

Irving also spoke about his decision not to get vaccinated last season and how it affected his contract negotiations last summer. He is now on an expiring contract with the Nets, having originally sought a long-term maximum extension.

Deandre Ayton sounds unhappy to be back in Phoenix

The Suns refused to give Ayton a Max contract prior to last season, letting him linger in the free-agent market until he received an offer from the Pacers that Phoenix matched. Phoenix’s spirits are sinking fast.

Jimmy Butler rocks dreadlocks ‘to drive the internet crazy’

The Miami Heat star has been spotted sporting a new hairstyle throughout the offseason, and he’s sticking with it — at least for now. His priorities are clearly in the right place when it comes to why he made the move.

Butler also called PJ Tucker a traitor for his decision to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers during the offseason.

James Harden says he’s lost “100 pounds”.

Celtics players, like everyone else, found out about the Ime Udoka scandal via Twitter



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