Much frustration among Ajax fans due to the queue of Champions League tickets: “Ridiculous”

This morning at 10 am it was time, the tickets that were left for Ajax’s Champions League matches went on sale. Season ticket holders were able to buy their tickets earlier and today it was the turn of the members of the SVA supporters’ association. There are thousands of them and they knew it.

They stood in a digital queue for hours, that queue was suddenly set back in time and if you could still buy a ticket, the ‘service’ was suddenly no longer available. On Twitter it rained complaints against Ajax Fancare.

Ajax has some great posters on the program for the group stage. The Scottish Rangers FC, Liverpool and Napoli come to the Johan Cruijff Arena to measure themselves with the team from Amsterdam. For many fans matches they like to attend live.

That just doesn’t go very smoothly, as is often the case with the Ajax ticket shop. On Twitter, many supporters let it be known that everything is going wrong. “You often go forward in rows, but at Ajax Do you mainly go backwards”, let one of them know. More supporters have to deal with a queue bar that goes backwards.

Losing service

Another problem that supporters experience is that when they finally get through, the service drops. “Going well ajax. Cousin you finally get this… RvC is definitely involved in something again”, writes a supporter.

Ajax Fancare’s Twitter account is busy answering all questions and complaints. According to them, the supporters’ bar is deteriorating because ‘fewer Ajax players are allowed in, which makes the expected time longer again’.


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