Motagua and Tauro are tied in the Nacional for the quarterfinals of the 2022 Concacaf League


17’ Once again the ‘Perrita’ hits towards the frame but it did not bother Hugues. The Blues continue to get stronger in search of the go-ahead goal.

12′ Uffff! Bombazo from outside the area of ​​Héctor Castellanos that happened tearing paint to the transversal of the Panamanian portico. The Taurus is saved.

10’ Motagua manages the possession of the ball but there are still no clear arrivals.

7’ Center by Marcelo Santos that the Tauro defense sends to the corner kick.

¡STARTED! Motagua and Tauro are already played at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa.

The teams are already warming up in a stadium behind closed doors.

Taurus FC line-up: Erick Hughes; Jorge Gutiérrez, Gustavo Chará, Luis Asprilla, Irving Gudiño, Víctor Medina, Omar Valencia, Rolando Botello, Miguel Camargo, Jan Vargas and Ronado Córdoba.

Motagua Alignment: Jonathan Rougier; Marcelo Santos, Denil Maldonado, Carlos Melendez, Marcelo Pereira, Diego Rodriguez; Hector Castellanos, Jonathan Nunez, Mauro Ortiz; Ivan Lopez and Angel Tejeda.

Substitutes: Marlon Licona; Carlos Mejía, Walter Martínez, Eddie Hernández, Roberto Moreira, Óscar García and Cristopher Meléndez.

The casualties of the cyclone are Fabricio Brener and Wesly Decas due to the accumulation of yellow cards and Juan Delgado due to suspension.

The good news for the Blues is that they brought Paraguayan striker Roberto Moreira back for this game.

Motagua today plays without fans. They are playing their third and last game behind closed doors after being suspended for the acts of their fans in the final against Communications.

Welcome to the minute by minute of Motagua vs. Tauro for the first leg of the Concacaf League quarterfinals.


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