Miyu Sugawara, a K-1 fighter and hairdresser. “At first, it was supposed to be only martial arts,” but why did he become a “two-sword style” player?

Female Fighter File (5)
Interview with Miyu Sugawara Part 1

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The first women’s tournament of “K-1” held in June this year, “The First Women’s Atomweight Championship Decision Tournament”. Miyu Sugawara (K-1 Gym Sangenjaya Silver Wolf) lost to Payaphon Ayutthaya Fight Gym by decision in the final, missing out on her first Queen title. The comeback is “Krush.142” in October. He will face Chan Lee (K-1 Gym Gotanda Team Kings) in his third defense. She asked Sugawara about her defensive battles and about the “dual wielding” between a K-1 fighter and a hairdresser.

Miyu Sugawara, who is challenging both K-1 fighter and hairdresser
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Lost against Payaphone “I have no regrets”

――First of all, please tell us your thoughts on the first K-1 Women’s Tournament held in June.

“I think the content of the tournament was good, but I felt that I had to work a little harder on the event side. It was really fresh in the waiting room where no one was there.”

――In terms of attracting customers, the previous week was “THE MATCH”, so I think the fans were also focused on one point.


――The result is runner-up. How was your opponent in the final, Phayaphon Ayutthaya Fight Gym?

“It wasn’t as much as I imagined, and I don’t think I can reach it, so it’s a shame that I’m one step closer. I think I’ll move on.”

――After the game, there was also a figure in tears in the backstage. Can you change your mind quickly?

“I’m not the type to pull back that much, but for a while after the match is over, I suddenly remember it. When I do that, I get really depressed. Losing flashes back, but until I win the next time. Because it won’t go away.Every time I remembered it, I accepted the defeat, trying to do my best not to feel like this again.”

――It feels like you’re switching to the next one.

“Yes. Last May, when I lost to MIO, I couldn’t do what I should have done and lost, and I regretted it a lot. However, even though there was an accident (the opponent’s elbow entered between Sugawara’s eyebrows and blood was spilled), I have no choice but to accept the result of doing my best.So I have no regrets.It’s just frustrating, so let’s do our best.However, the match is not good. After the match, I told the representative that I wanted a little more time before the next match, because the match continued all the time, and I wanted more time to become more fond of martial arts, and to practice to become stronger. This is the first time I’ve asked you to leave a gap between matches.”

――In addition to finishing the milestone tournament, you also had an injury.

“My elbow hit between my eyebrows, and I had the most fighter-like face I’ve ever seen (laughs). …Actually, the match was decided earlier in October.It will be Krush.At first, I was told that it would be in September, but it was too early (laughs).It will be a defensive match.”

During the interview, the person concerned contacted me, and the next race was decided.
“Krush.142” (October 28, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo)
Miyu Sugawara vs Chan Lee
Krush women’s atomweight title match 3 minutes 3R extension 1R,
It will be Sugawara’s third defense.



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