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Millonarios once again appealed to the rotation, in the duel that drew against América de Cali, in El Campín. Despite the development of the game, all that is forgotten, because the final score is what counts, above anything else.

The calls to the Colombian and Costa Rican National Teams, injuries and sanctions, have led Alberto Gamero to turn to the players who have added the fewest minutes in the championship. The matches against Once Caldas, Junior and América are proof of this, where the operation, from the approach and idea, does not change.

The Blues are known for practicing the possession game, to create spaces and hit the opponent. However, there are certain differences in the development of the matches, the decisions to be made, specifically in certain situations of each duel.

In the three recent duels, Juan Moreno has been one of the most outstanding. With ratings of 6.7, 7.9 and 6.3, they leave it among the most relevant. The goalkeeper’s interventions were especially fundamental, in the duel against Junior.

The José Cuenú and Óscar Vanegas duo have barely played a few duels together. The first of them was a while ago, in the Cup quarterfinals, where they were seen to be erratic in their movements. Vanegas has responded, scoring well against Junior and America. Despite this, there are errors in the movements made, relays, swaps and false starts. For the sample, in the two goals from America the synchronization between the two was not the best, leaving spaces.

Another who has stood out and can continue to contribute is Daniel Cataño. His quality is undeniable, because when he enters, he responds to time and manage the game at a different pace, the one imposed by Millionaires. Against Once Caldas he achieved 86% accuracy in the passes made, with a sacrificial job due to the expulsion of Montero.

Against America, he reached a rating of 7.7, dominating the entire midfield and the right flank, joining Gómez, with a percentage of 84% in passes made.

While it is true that Gamero’s idea is the same, with whoever is on the court, there are differences. The absence of players like Llinás and Vargas leaves aside that exit through the floor, which is the hallmark of both. Like the casualties suffered by Larry Vásquez, who is in the process of recovery, despite having a promising player in Dewar Victoria, who he has fulfilled when the strategist requires it.



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