Lüner SV Judo successful in tournament: Lynn Westerhoff qualifies for West German Championship

The Lüner SV judokas successfully took part in the district championships in the U18 age group and the Amazon tournament in Holzwickede.

Lynn Westerhoff was runner-up in the U18 weight class up to 63 kg. Leonard Müller took 7th place in the class up to 60 kg, while Leon Gläser up to 73 kg dropped out despite a good performance. Thus, Lynn Westerhoff qualified as the only LSVerin for the West German Championships of the U 18, which will be held in Herne on Saturday, September 24th.

At the Amazon tournament also in Holzwickede, Lena Wettemann started in the women’s category over 78 kg. She won the silver medal as did Lynn.

The next event, organized by the Lüner SV judokas, is on Sunday, September 25th: The Open West German Individual Championships for female and male U21s. They will take place in the sports hall of the Käthe Kollwitz Comprehensive School, Dammwiese. The best juniors from all of North Rhine-Westphalia will then be at the start. For those interested in martial arts, it will definitely be worth taking a look. The fights start at around 10 am.

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