Ligue 1: Al Khelafi sends a warning to Barcelona and its levers

La ECA has held its ordinary Assembly in Istanbul. President, Nasser Al Khelafiapplauded, in his speech, the economic changes promoted by financial Fair Play: “The new financial sustainability rules are a positive development. The rules control costs and expenses. They encourage investment and new investors. They will help ensure the sustainability of football in the future. You have to be careful with debt levels because injecting capital magically is not a sustainable path. We have to think in the long term, not in the short term”, in a clear message to Barcelona.

“ECA continue to build positive relationships with all stakeholders: FIFA, UEFA and other confederations, the Leagues, the national associations and the fans. Everyone within European football should do more to benefit the whole game“, seal Al Kelaifi.

The PSG president joins the trend that we must get more out of European club competitions, especially the Champions League and the European Super Cup: “The ECA has also worked closely with UEFA on the new men’s competition format post-2024. There will be more exciting matches. The competitions will be more inclusive. Our revenue will grow. We have already seen this in France and the UK. And in the US our growth exceeds 150%, with the sale of rights in Spanish. We plan to work with Paramount+. You have to work on that line.”

In this sense, he insisted on the necessary change in the economic distribution. “Revenue distribution is the next big issue for European football. The ECA has always promised to put collective interests above individual interests to protect our clubs and the ECA. The distribution has to be fair. We want all male and female competitions to grow. And everyone within European football should do more to benefit the whole game. The ECA will continue to build positive relationships with all stakeholders. FIFA, UEFA, CAF, the confederations, the leagues, the national associations and the fans. We will also continue to engage non-ECA clubs and other important stakeholders, especially the European Commission.“.

Thebes’ response

The president of LaLiga, Javier TebasI went to their social networks to respond to Nasser Al Khelafi after his hard ‘message’ to FC Barcelona during the ordinary Assembly of the ECA.

“There is no magic. Barcelona has sold part of its assets to cover its losses, at PSG instead ‘you open the gas’. For sustainable football, the first thing is to pay what is owed, right?



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