Leo Messi has not left and will never leave Barça

It leaves the impression that the Barça of recent years was Can Seixanta, a mess of a club delivered into the hands of the footballers, who did, undid and, above all, paid what they wanted. No one focuses criticism on who allowed this perversion, or draws conclusions about the erratic management of recent years. This to put it mildly, once the cataclysm caused has been amply verified. On the other hand, it would seem that Barcelona fans prefer to bite the hooks thrown from the opposite trench, the one that worries about the sporting and moral rearmament of the greatest adversary, now that it seems to be on the way to close this era of the free bar.

The excesses of the past, the negligence never reported, will go down in history the day the last of the protagonists leaves. And a shame that there is a risk that they will be remembered for their stratospheric income instead of recognizing the performance offered in splendor, when the first team aroused worldwide admiration. It would be wise to take note of the lessons just learned in times of adversity.

Now, and we have for months, there is fire at discretion around the hypothetical return of Leo Messi. The wounds have not yet healed or the trauma has been overcome, but a melody is beginning to play that aims to demonize the best footballer in history. The poor man receives from his own and foreign adversaries. Since certain sports journalism, on the verge of extinction as we understood it, is doing well to generate mullader, a long battle dedicated to reconciliation is being prepared, which will be torpedoed. Rather than fretting in the face of so much demagoguery, it would be enough to remember the Argentinian’s extensive work, the huge number of moments in which he managed to bring Barcelona fans closer to full happiness, despite the fact that his temperament opts for defeatism and the glass is always half empty.

With today’s football, and the suggestion should be enough, it is better to stop propaganda and follow your own criteria without listening to noise. Messi and Barça are doomed to continue together from here to eternity and, consequently, they better start thinking about how they will do it. Disregarding, of course, the huge retreat of interested parties in which the divorce is permanent and the relationship goes through the rocks, a prosaic way of collecting the defeats inflicted years and locks on the lawn. It’s not about money, but about feelings and sensations. Therefore, let’s run away from self-interest and listen to heart and soul, which here are synonymous with reason. The return serial seems completely pointless. Look closely, Messi has not left and will never leave.


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