LeBron James and Kevin Durant are no longer in the Top 5 NBA players according to ESPN

As the 2022-23 season begins to show up with the start of training camps and media day looming, it’s the perfect time to let go of your rankings and other power rankings. ESPN like every year lent himself to the game by dropping his Top 10 NBA players for the coming season. Something tells us it’s going to make people talk.

Top 10, or rather Top 100 but let’s say that we prefer to focus on the top of the table, the elite, the “superstars” category. Who will be the ten best players who will tread the NBA floors in the coming season? This is the question to which the various Hexperts ofESPN responded. We are therefore mainly on the prediction, but like each prediction it is necessarily based a little on what we saw last season (and even the previous seasons) as well as the talent of each one at the moment T. Come on, without further ado, we balance the ranking.

  • 10) Devin Booker
  • 9) I Morant
  • 8) Kevin Durant
  • 7) Jayson Tatum
  • 6) LeBron James

In the Top 5, which has not yet been revealed but can easily be guessed:

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Stephen Curry
  • Luka Doncic
  • Joel Embiid
  • Nikola Jokic

We let you make up your own mind, but seeing LeBron James and Kevin Durant outside of a Top 5 on the best NBA players, it kinda stings. Apart from the few sores and slammed results of the Lakers last year, the King remains on an individual season of madness in 30 points – 8 rebounds – 6 assists, all at… 37 brooms. It’s called pushing the boundaries of nature. As for KD, he was downright an MVP candidate before he injured his knee and the Nets’ season really took off. The rationale forESPNthere she is :

Why LeBron James fell three spots from last year: The 26 games he missed and a poor roster composition around him resulted in one of the most disappointing seasons in Lakers history . […] It’s also impossible to ignore the fact that the Lakers had a net negative rating with James on the court last season.

Why Kevin Durant fell seven spots from last year: The problem for the former MVP is that he couldn’t stay on the field. A knee injury sidelined him for two months, and he’s been missing most of the season for two years. […] And besides his health, the big question for the Nets is whether Durant will remain dedicated to the team. »

So if we understand correctly, the fall of LeBron and KD – considered by many to be the two best players intrinsically speaking of the last decade – is not directly linked to their level of play when they are on the field, but to other parameters such as injuries or the surrounding context. Ok it can be heard and then it is clear that there are real monsters ahead of them in this ranking, but still it’s hard to pass knowing that we’re talking about LeBron James et Kevin Durantespecially since we can easily imagine the two superstars setting the record straight this season.

Without expecting miracles from the Lakers in 2022-23, LeBron will do everything to make the legendary Californian franchise respectable again. Prepare yourself, the hashtag #washedking is about to appear on the Insta posts of the King, who will want to prove that it is still possible to shoot in 27-7-7 even in his 20th NBA season. The last time he missed the Playoffs? He returned the following season with an MVP-caliber campaign and a fourth league title at the end. You have been warned. Kevin Durant, for his part, will want to remove from his mouth the bad taste of the sweep inflicted by Boston in the first round of the Playoffs. Dominated by Jayson Tatum in the series, KD will be keen to remember who he really is, and above all to shut the mouths of all those who criticized him during the offseason after the Warriors title and his transfer request. So even if it could be a mess again in Brooklyn this season, there’s a way that Easy Money Sniper can get dirty, very dirty…

LeBron James and Kevin Durant both outside of a Top 5 NBA players, does that shock you or not? After reading this article, you already know our position. In any case, we hope that the King and KD have taken note of this ranking, because it could well motivate them to push their limits a little further.

Source texte : ESPN



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