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FBK “Valmiera” takes three points from “Ķekava”

“Valmiera” has become the leader of the ELVI floorball league for men, at least for one day, which will visit tonight 6:3 played “Kekava”. Guido Lauga was the most productive among the winners with 4 (3+1) points.

In the gymnasium of the Ķekava primary school, two neighbors in the tournament table, which had two points each before this match – “Ķekava” and FBK “Valmiera” – competed. Already during the first period, the visitors made their claim to victory, taking a 2-0 lead after shots by Kevin Šmit and Arvja Karklinis. Ķekava’s floorball players erased their zero from the scoreboard only in the 35th minute, when Klāvs Jansons converted Tom Ľeiran’s pass into a goal – 1:2. After the second third, Valmieri had a two-goal handicap again, as Guido Lauga scored his first goal in this match in the 37th minute – 3:1. In the 55th minute, the visitors had a three-goal lead (5:2), as the Čekavians were only able to respond to two more goals by Guido Lauga with one goal by Klavas Jansons. In the 59th minute, the first point of the season was achieved by Pavels Semyonov, a legionnaire of the Valmiera team, who managed to send the ball into the then empty goal of the home team – 6:2. The point for this match was added by Toms Ķeirans from Keka, who scored 30 seconds after Semyonov – 3:6. In the final result, FBK “Valmiera” celebrated an important victory with 6:3.

The best player award among the winners was given to Klaavs Jansons, who was the top scorer with 3 (2+1) points. His exchange partner Toms Ľirāns stood out with 2 (1+1) points. Goalkeeper Agri Rogaini, who saved 21 of 24 opponents’ shots, was recognized as the best among Valmieri. Guido Lauga scored 4 (3+1) points for the Valmiera team, Arvjas Karklinis scored 3 (1+2), and Kevin Schmidt scored 2 (1+1) points. After this victory, FBK “Valmiera” became the leader of the tournament table with eight points, while “Ķekavai” still has five points and the fourth position.

“Ķekava” – FBK “Valmiera” 3:6 (0:2, 1:1, 2:3)

Throw ratio:

23:31 (10:11; 6:11; 7:9)

The most successful:

“Kekava” – Klāvs Jansons 3 (2+1), Toms Ķeirans 2 (1+1), Kristaps Laugalis 1 (0+1).

FBK “Valmiera” – Guido Lauga 4 (3+1), Arvis Kārkliņš 3 (1+2), Kevin Šmits 2 (1+1), Pavel Semjonovs 1 (1+0), Ričards Riba 1 (0+1).



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