Junior will play the BetPlay 2022 Cup final with Millonarios | Eliminated Unión Magdalena today | Colombian Soccer | bet play cup

Julio Comesaña arrived at the Junior de Barranquilla and the joys came immediately: this Wednesday, the shark qualified for the final of the 2022 BetPlay Cup, by beating Unión Magdalena 0-1 in Santa Marta and keeping the quota in the round of penalties.

Millonarios will be the rival in the grand final, but Junior has already won a lot, since he regained his confidence and dreams big thanks to the Uruguayan coach. Julio X arrived hitting hard!

The cyclone came out with the desire to extend the lead with which he came into the second leg. He knew that a difference goal was not enough against a team with so much experience and top players. That’s why he pressed and played with unseen speed.

Junior wanted to take advantage of the fact that Unión advanced his lines and looked for spaces to go out at speed and bring danger to the Samaria goal, but he could not clearly reach the last play.

The first half was even and they didn’t hurt each other. There was no team that dominated the game, but the emotions were not lacking.

The second part was played with much more decision, between risks and a strong leg. Union put a lot of joy into his game and had moments of dominance; but Junior de Comesaña did not give up and managed to tie the series.

At 69 minutes, Fabián Sambueza made it 0-1 and left the aggregate 1-1.

At the end of the game, Yesus Cabrera was sent off for a strong tackle on ‘Caballo’ Márquez.



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