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Don’t become a perpetrator: “Sparta” by Ulrich Seidl

The San Sebastián Film Festival has on Sunday Ulrich Seidls Screened the film “Sparta”. Of the Spiegel had previously accused him of abusing the Romanian child actors (our summary). At least the audience of the press presentation was enthusiastic reported Rüdiger Suchland im Standard. Anyone who lusted after a scandal because the film dealt with the sensitive issue of “pedophilia” negotiated, was disappointed, instead a deeply humanistic, provocation-free film about a pedophile man who trains boys in judo. Seidl “shows none abusive act, such is not indicated in it either. Rather, the character of Ewald is one of those pedophiles who, against all odds, use their own strength of will to keep their urges in check and just don’t live them out. At the same time it is obvious that pedophilia is not at the center of the film. Rather, ‘Sparta’ is about the violence of the fathers. That applies to the Romanian fathers of the boys, and Ewald is the only one here who tries to help the children, some of whom are abused at home, against their families.” An excellent, creating empathy Radio feature about the situation of pedophiles who are afraid of becoming perpetrators, stands moreover at Dlf ready.

Other: For the NZZ could Andreas Scheiner will see the first film scenes from the “Avatar” sequel, which will probably really start this December after 13 years and many postponed announcements, with which the director James Cameron once again promises to set blockbuster standards: But “if everything can be simulated to be deceptively real, who cares about the simulation then still?” Despite Hollywoodboycott can the russian Audience the latest blockbusters from the USA nevertheless see in the cinema thanks to illegally dubbed bootleg copies, reported Olga Lizunkova in there taz: The films will be shown as freebies after Russian films that “have increased so much thanks to the ‘Hollywood Bonus’ blockbusters become”. In daily mirror congratulates Christiane Peitz the film historian Ulrich Gregor for the 90th birthday.

The Werner Herzogexhibition in the Berlin Film Museum (movie service), the documentary “Moonage Daydream” about David Bowie (submitted online by the DOES), the Japanese animated film “The Deer King” by Masashi Ando and Masayuki Miyaji (taz), die RTL-Series “House of Dreams” (DOES) and Leni Lauritschs Austrian SF film “Rubikon” (Standard).



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