Ice hockey professional Yannic Seidenberg under doping suspicion

Will he return to the oval? Seidenberg is temporarily suspended.
Bild: picture alliance/dpa

Yannic Seidenberg is one of the defining figures in German ice hockey. Now he has a conspicuous doping test result. The association and its club do not want to comment. And Seidenberg is also silent.

Et were less than 24 hours until the start of the new season last week when the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) sent an explosive message about Yannic Seidenberg. The national anti-doping agency (NADA) had previously informed the DEB and temporarily suspended the former national player. A minute later the next message, this time from EHC Red Bull Munich, the club also suspended Seidenberg for the time being.

What exactly was found? Was there already a B sample? No comment from those involved. According to FAZ information, the training control was a few months ago, was carried out “in connection with DEB”, as it is said, which is why the association was the first to go public. Until then, Seidenberg was still playing, most recently on September 10 in the European Cup. But also: no answers. When asked by the FAZ, DEB, NADA, Red Bull Munich and the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) referred to “the ongoing process”. Seidenberg himself is also silent, his lawyer only told the dpa that his client was fully cooperating with NADA.


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