High school students take classes on the basketball court

Parral.- During the morning of this Wednesday, parents and students of the Francisca Lozano Olivas State Secondary School leaked photographs through which it was possible to see how a group of first-year students take classes outdoors since they do not have a classroom to serve them.

These are 49 students from the first year 5 of the Francisca Lozano high school, who take their classes on the basketball court, interrupting the physical education class, for which the parents demanded attention from the corresponding authorities.

The campus director, Héctor Núñez, reported that previously they took classes in the chemistry workshop room, however, this was very uncomfortable for the young people because the benches and tables were too high since they are adapted for this type of needs. .

He explained that last Thursday they received a call from the coordinator of education in the southern region, Professor Felipe Javalera, who told them that they would have to go to the city of Chihuahua for furniture.

Given this, they went to the capital and the material was given to them, the missing chairs being for the group that was having problems and was taking classes in another room.

However, he mentioned that a year ago they had been asked to build a new room due to the high number of students and that an extra group had to be created.

However, that promise of the construction of the room has not been fulfilled, or else, they had been temporarily promised a mobile classroom for the students to take classes.

Given this, they staged a protest in order to put pressure on the educational sector to build the room, since the students cannot be taking classes in the open space.

He assured that a year ago, the state government promised them the construction of a new room to solve this problem, a situation that has not been finalized.



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