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For the cup derby against Lok |

Floodlight premiere at BSG Chemie?

As is so often the case, it will be a close derby. And possibly a long one.

Chemistry against Lok in the state cup (Sunday, 4 p.m.) – extra time, even a penalty shoot-out, is definitely possible. It is therefore also possible that the new floodlights (4 masts, 400 lux) in the Kunze Sports Park, which have already passed their light test, will be switched on for the first time in a competitive game. Depending of course on the weather conditions.

President Frank Kühne (62): “Nevertheless, we hope that the time window will be sufficient to be able to play without lights – especially in view of the tense energy situation.” In addition, the final acceptance of the city is still missing. The reason that the interim system (6 masts) has not yet been dismantled. Kühne grins: “There has never been a derby with ten floodlight masts in Germany either.”

What is he hoping for? “We’re outsiders against the pros, we can only train after 5 p.m.,” he explains. “But a derby has its own rules, as we all know. It’s a shame it’s happening now. That would have been at least a worthy semi-final.”

The winner is only in the round of sixteen.



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