EuroBasket, the Top 10 of the day: Terry Tarpey forever

The first round of 16 gave rise yesterday to some very nice flights and arabesques, to which we can now add actions of crazy clutchitude since the hell of cleaver matches has begun, with the scenarios inherent in this kind of meeting. Yesterday’s Top 10? It’s all right, like Giannis on transition.

  • The Dennis Schroder / Daniel Theis duo is the best in German sports since Thomas Muller. Yeah we have a limited knowledge in sport, we prefer to send barbeuks.
  • For a long time the Lithuanians believed in it yesterday, in particular by sending joga bonito as on this acrobatic basket.
  • In attack Daniel Theis takes advantage of the vida loca with Dede, but in defense Dan remains the kind of plot to which one can make small bridges.
  • Lorenzo Brown for Usman Garuba, this is one of the leader/interior pulls who managed to crack Lithuania yesterday, and which should crack a few more in Berlin.
  • Luka Doncic is such a passing genius that even his teammates don’t always expect him. Not so fast, not so well, and yet.
  • Long before Cedi Osman cracked the line at the worst of times, Terry Tarpey had taken care of her case. What if these two events were linked? The investigation is opened by the SRPJ of Berlin-South.
  • Ignas Brazdeikis saw the French team match and thought that the tap dance was really stylish. A little more than its look anyway, Nirvana is a bit outdated huh.
  • Luka Doncic gets bored so Luka Doncic probably pays his defenders to rip his arm off for a little more trouble.
  • Dennis Schroder also slammed his poster, which means he’s getting closer to the level of Terry Tarpey.
  • And how not to end up with the Gobe of St-Quentin, in difficulty for three-quarters of his match but transformed in the end between Shaquille O’Neal and a human look-alike from the Montparnasse Tower. Hellish Rudy, thank you man.


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