Emma Meesseman after World Cup exit: “Positive feeling, but there are still some points to work” | World Cup basketball

Due to a calf injury, Emma Meesseman had to follow the quarterfinals of the World Cup against Australia from the bench. The star player of the Belgian Cats saw that the team did not reach its usual level. “We can do better than what we showed today,” said Meesseman.

The start of the Belgian Cats was still promising, but after an Australian intermediate sprint, the race fell into a decisive fold relatively quickly. “But I think we still had good moments in the match after those first minutes, but they weren’t long enough,” says Emma Meesseman.

“I think the motivation was there, but it didn’t always come out. There was less aggressiveness and speed than in our previous races.”

“We could have done a little more defensively, too. We made too many communication errors. It’s up to us to work on that. We can do better than what we showed today.”

Many young people have now had the opportunity to taste this level. I am hopeful for the future.

Emma Meesseman

“What is the balance of this World Cup? I think it may be a bit too early for that, so soon after the game. I think we will discuss that with the team. My feeling is certainly positive, even if there are still a few working points. .”

“I am hopeful for the future. Many young people have now had the opportunity to taste this level. Hopefully we can continue that continuity to be there at every tournament.”

“This was a first step. Getting to a quarter-final is not so obvious. The familiarity of previous years was less now, which is also normal with new players and a new coach. Hopefully we will get closer to each other over time. We are used to each other and we are more attuned to each other.”

belgian cats at basketball world cup

Belgium Australia 69-86
China France 85-71
Puerto Rico Canada 60-79
United States Serbia 88-55
program group a
22/09 United States Belgium 87-72
23/09 Belgium South Korea 84-61
24/09 Puerto Rico Belgium 65-68
26/09 Belgium Bosnia 85-55
27/09 China Belgium 81-55
standing in group a
M W V +/- ptn
1. United States 5 5 0 +231 10
2. China 5 4 1 +157 9
3. Belgium 5 3 2 +15 8
4. Puerto Rico 5 2 3 -59 7
5. South Korea 5 1 4 -148 6
6. Bosnia and Herzegovina 5 0 5 -196 5

The top 4 advance to the quarter-finals.



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