Bitter first day for the representatives of school basketball in Serbia

All three schools were defeated in their debut against their respective rivals.

The three national teams today began their participation in the Basketball School World Cup that is taking place in the city of Belgrade, in Serbia.

Women categorically defeated

Montessori de Talca belongs to group D and it was their turn to start their participation against one of the tough rivals like Bulgaria; in order to achieve a great result.

Unfortunately, the Europeans defeated the Chileans by a large score, 60 to 38. Where, Cerda was the player who scored the most points for the team, with 17 units.

Now they will have to face Nigeria to reverse the result; which was defeated by Turkey by 8 points difference between them.

At the same point, the Sacred Heart Institute of San Bernardo had to face one of the candidates of the group like Chinese Taipei.

The Asians categorically beat the Chileans by 63 points, with a score of 90 to 27 against the San Bernardines. The player who had the most contact with the rival hoop was Ramírez with 12 units.

Now to shake off the bitter taste of defeat and get their first loss against North Macedonia, who was beaten by Greece.

Brazil wins the South American duel

Meanwhile, the men from Patrocinio San José also had to face their current rival, Brazil. Within his group he is the accessible rival to beat, where France is the candidate to keep the area.

Regarding the rival, coach Paulo Quijada mentioned that “It was not a dominant team in the tactical technical aspect; His greatest advantage was his physical size. At another point, the Salesian’s teacher pointed out that the children were nervous and made unusual and unforced errors.

San José sponsorship before playing the first day.

Now the Salesians will seek to reverse this bitter result against the rival to win, Nepal. Where, the French defeated them categorically with a difference of 109 points.

Tomorrow the three national representatives will go for their first victory in the Basketball School World Cup that is taking place in the city of Belgrade, in Serbia.


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