Batch. French 3D Archery Championship in Gramat, the results

The women’s and men’s podium of the French 3D archery championship organized from September 23 to 25, 2022 in Gramat. (©R. P.)

The women’s team “Les Archers Saint-Martinois” club of Saint-Martin de Crau (Bouches-du-Rhône) and the men’s team of Club “The Archers of Liffré” de Liffré (Ille-et-Vilaine) won the title of French champions during the French 3D Archery Championship organized from September 23 to 25, 2022 at Gramat.

An event organized by the Gramat club

The female Archers du Causse de Gramat team having won the French 3D archery championship by club teams in Surgères in 2021, the responsibility fell to the Gramat club to organize the 2022 edition.

M. Jean-Marc Chièze, the president of the gramatois cluball club members and volunteers, MmeLan Despeyroux president of the departmental committee of the Lot of archery and many members of this committee perfectly took up the challenge of preparing and organizing this French 3D archery championship which took place from Friday September 23 to Sunday September 25. This event bringing together 40 men’s teams and 24 women’s teams from all over France took place on the grounds of the Departmental Federation of Lot Hunters located on the Cavagnac site “Les Adrets”, in the town of Gramat.

A flawless organization

Anaïs, Sylvie, Céline and their captain Christophe of the women’s team “Les Archers Saint-Martinois” from Saint-Martin de Crau (Bouches-du-Rhône) won the title of French champion, second place went to the he team “The companions of the 3 flames Val de Gray” from Gray (Haute-Saône), the team “Tir à l’Arc L’Union” from the Union (Haute-Garonne) completes the podium in third place.

For the men, Xavier, Vincent, Pierre and their captain Mylène of the “Les Archers de Liffré” club in Liffré (Ille-et-Vilaine) are French champions, the archers of the “Les archers Globe Trotteurs” club in Miramas (Bouches- du-Rhône) are vice-champions, third place went to the club “Les Archers de Préaux” from Préaux (Seine-Maritime).

The archers and titled archers insisted on the excellent conditions in which they competed: a very good course and an irreproachable organization.

La Marseillaise concludes the podium ceremony

Mr. President of the French Archery Federation (FFTA), Mr. Jean-Michel Cleroy, at the end of the Sunday afternoon, presided over the awards ceremony in the company of Mr. Jean- Marc Chièze, president of the Gramatois club “Les Archers du Causse de Gramat”, from Mme Lan Despeyroux president of the departmental committee of the Batch of archery and Mr. Jean-Pierre Galeyrand, the person in charge for the 25 referees mobilized for this championship.

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Several other personalities attended this podium ceremony: MM Sylvestre, mayor of Gramat, MA Pradié, deputy of Lot, Mme C. Mey-Fau, departmental councilor of the canton of Gramat representing the president of the departmental council of Lot, MM. R. Rousilhe and C. Marot, representing the president of the Lot de la Chasse departmental federation, Mrme MJ Aussel, representing the Groupama group.

MM. Chiéze, Sylvestre, Pradié, Cleroy and Mrs Mey-Fau and Mrs Despeyroux spoke in turn, they all thanked all the volunteers of the organizing club of Gramat who organized this championship perfectly and the sponsors who supported this operation. President Cleroy insisted on the good health of the FFTA which has almost regained its pre-Covid workforce with 69,000 members. Special thanks were also sent by Ms. Despeyroux to Ms. Cathy Chièze, the wife of the president of the Gramatois club. The group of referees was not forgotten, gifts were distributed to them.

The winning teams climbed onto the podium and this official ceremony ended with the National Anthem in honor of the champions of France. A wine of honor offered to the large audience present closed these three days of the championship.

Big smiles of satisfaction emanated from the members of the “Les Archers du Causse de Gramat” club. President Chièze, relieved, happy and tired, explained: “It was a huge challenge for us to organize this French Championship. We have all worked together and with the support of our sponsors to meet this challenge. I hope we got there”.

Yes, Mr. Chairman: undeniably, the challenge was perfectly taken up and this championship took place in the best of ways, according to a large number of competitors.


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