Alianza Petrolera vs Junior Liga BetPlay summary match date 14 2022-II | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The days in Junior have not been the best, despite the return of Comesaña, the results in the League had them out of the group of eight classified. A break, in the always complicated Barrancabermeja, victory by the smallest difference, to reach 18 points.

Comesaña left aside a large part of the headlines. Only Pacheco, Ortiz and Sambueza repeated, regarding the lineup that was in the duel against Millonarios.

The first clear action of the game came in a free kick from the side for the locals, a cross into the area and Brayan Fernández managed to touch it, Viera positioned himself and managed to get to the ball. At the start of the game, a round trip was seen, where both teams wanted to go for the result.

As the minutes went by, the 4-2-3-1 was established in Junior and in the field, looking for the rival goal. At minute 26′ Fabián Sambueza started the play in the middle, wall with Carmelo Valencia and the Argentine defined over the goalkeeper Mora, in an action on the edge of the offside.

The failures in the middle of the field also allowed Alianza to generate the necessary danger, a wrong start by Viera, the ball in the center of the area and Luciano Ospina sought to define it as a Chilean, the ball went over the crossbar.

The game of bands for the visit was necessary to break the defensive scheme of the Barranqueños. This is how Sambueza started a play down the wing, serving Velasco, a center into the area and Albornoz enabling Cetré, taking out a powerful shot that went close to Mora’s goal.

For the second half, the actions were limited, where physical friction prevailed, with several fouls to cut off the rival’s attack progressions. Estefano Arango appeared at minute 65 with a cross shot, which Viera barely followed. The siege of Alianza began, with Mojica as the protagonist, with another mid-distance action, with a deflection by Ortiz, who almost entered the goal.

The auction of the game remained between Junior’s possession and Alianza’s desperation, without clarity in the final minutes. With the victory, Junior reached 18 units, staying in the 11th place, in the middle of the week they will face Millonarios and next weekend, they will play against Cali. For its part, Alianza Petrolera was in box 16, with just 13 points.



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