Abelardo: “We haven’t played a great game, but we have won”

Abelardo Fernández, coach of Sporting de Gijón, recognized that the victory against Ibiza will give them “morale” after two consecutive defeats.


How can I not suffer? I’ve been lucky enough to be a player and play in important games like Sporting or Barça, but you suffer more as a coach. It is one of the team sports that you have fewer advantages to communicate. Sometimes you want to communicate sensations. How can I not suffer? With the scoreboard, the VAR…


I’m not going to comment. I respect Baraja’s statements

Is the referee doing the right thing reviewing the action?

The hand thing… I think you can check it if the referee thinks it’s not far enough apart. I think other actions… It was explained to us at the time that, if there is contact, the VAR cannot rectify. That day, that of Christ, or whistled a penalty; I said that if they have seen it like that… Today they have reviewed it several times

His opinion on Zarfino’s hand

The ball hits the hand, but I think Gio’s hand is not far enough apart and he has no intention of playing the ball. I’m still the coach of Ibiza, I still see a penalty too

Did he deserve to win?

We have had the clearest occasions, but we have been vague in elaboration. We were not fine in the pass.

Did you miss a pivot?

I did not miss a defensive pivot, it is not that. The changes have brought us. Nacho has given us serenity. With Gio we fix Morante more. Paul has been very good. Jony has given us. That the changes came out fresh was very important. And I think the team was better than the first. Christ has done a very good job; in the second half he was very good. Also John. And even Aitor until he felt discomfort. We haven’t played a great game, but we have won. We have had cons to increase the score.

Give up the ball?

We lose the ball fast. Many times we had that break, even from playing with Mariño. The idea was not to give the ball to Ibiza. We were imprecise when generating the game, in the pass.

Have they played bad?

We have played good and worse games. The day of Burgos we played better and tied. Today we played worse and we won. In Second it is decided by details. This is so. It is efficiency. The kids have made an incredible effort, at the level of running, of attitude. The victory is very good for team morale.


The merit is very high for Tomás. He takes care of the strategy. He tells me and I try to correct. We have good pitchers: Pedro, Cote. And people who go above: Cali, Insua, Gragera, Djuka


It doesn’t get close to the Jony we all love. He is one more. The more we have on the ship, the better. You have to go little by little with him. We will see the Jony of before


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