5 reasons to follow the Kyrgios-Medvedev clash of the round of 16

Medvedev et Kyrgios Panoramic

It’s a poster that makes your mouth water on the biggest court in the world (from 1 a.m. in France) between the world number one and defending champion against one of the fittest men of the summer. .

For the new Kyrgios

Since his final at Wimbledon, the Australian is no longer the same player. Winner in the wake of the ATP 500 in Washington, the bad boy has calmed down. Concerned about his career, serious on and off the courts, he is finally exploiting his immense potential. To his astonishment:Wimbledon final (lost to Djokovic) was a turning point for me. Every day, I pay attention to what I eat, to my sleep to recover well. I try to put involvement in every training session. I hardly recognize myself anymore to be honest, because it’s not me “. In view of his form and his confidence, the 25th in the world almost approaches the shock against Daniil Medvedev as a favorite.

Pour Medvedev, nouveau King of New York

Since his loss to Nadal in the Australian Open final, Medvedev has had a season half fig, half grape with final losses, only one title (the Los Cabos ATP 250), a serious injury and an inability to play Wimbledon, due to the boycott of Russian and Belarusian players, imposed by the organizers of the London Grand Slam. But at Flushing Meadows, the Muscovite is at home and seems to be regaining his best feelings. Finalist in 2019, semi-finalist in 2020 and winner last year, the Russian has won 21 of his last 23 matches in New York. No one has done better in the last four editions. Quiet winner of his first three matches against modest opponents, the new master of the place offers himself a sacred first test against Kyrgios.

For a spectacular and electric shock

Queen Serena’s last matches in New York lit up the nights at Flushing Meadows. On the other hand, the nocturnal posters of the men’s tableau have, for the time being, struggled to ignite the crowd. This could soon be history. Both the duel promises to be spectacular and electric between these two strong characters. For the time being, none of their four previous duels has degenerated. There was even respect between the two men. “Nick is a little different in the way he behaves on the court. I wouldn’t say we’re friends, in the sense that we don’t go to the bar together, but I think there’s a lot of mutual respect, souffle Medvedev. On the court, we never got confused.“Before adding:” But that can change at any time. You never know what can happen “. Answer tonight.

For Medvedev’s Challenge

«There aren’t many players capable of beating Medvedev here in New York. I am convinced to be part of it, given the way I am playing at the moment, I have a chance “, believes Nick Kyrgios. It would be wrong to make complexes. Less than a month ago, he tamed the world number one in Montreal (6-7, 6-4, 6-2) in the first round of the tournament. “ Having beaten him just before the US Open and finding him here, inevitably I have that in the back of my mind “, he confirms. “ He was better than me that day “, blows the Muscovite. And not just that day. The Australian has thus won three of their four confrontations. Kyrgios’ only loss came at the last Australian Open where Medvedev won in four sets. “ I wasn’t at my best and he was on top “, relativizes the Australian who eight months later has become a completely different player…

For the place of world number one in danger

At the top of the world hierarchy since June 2022, the Russian, defending champion, will lose his first place if he falls tonight against Kyrgios. Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz and even Casper Ruud, still in the running, can steal his throne from him at the end of the tournament. The protege of Gilles Cervara who has a lot of points to defend by the end of the season (unlike Nadal) assures him. He does not make the race for the first place in the world his main objective and leaves Nadal the status of big favorite for the tournament and the first place in the world: “ Unless I win all the remaining tournaments, I know that at the end of the year, it will probably be Rafa who finishes number one. Rafa won the last time he played here against me. He has won two Grand Slam tournaments this year. He hasn’t lost in a Grand Slam this year. He forfeited (before his half against Kyrgios at Wimbledon, editor’s note), Which is not the same thing.One certainty: the pressure tonight will be more than ever on Medvedev.



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