10 good reasons to follow the San Antonio Spurs this season

Who says resumption of the NBA season says need for motivation. And who says need for motivation says…? Find good reasons! For each team of the 2022-23 season, we wanted to be useful, helpful, and a little funny if the subject allows it. Here are the 10 good reasons to follow the San Antonio Spurs over the next few months, between ping-pong and tank.

#1: Enjoying Gregg Popovich’s final career season

How is it official? No, it’s not official. On the other hand, it’s starting to take a long time, friends. We are entering a massive tanking in San Antonio, and all the boxes have been checked to turn the page. NBA winning record, Team USA passed to Steve Kerr, even Dejounte Murray was transferred to a pigeon team so everything is under control. Soon to be 74 years old, Pop has even seen Becky Hammon, Will Hardy and company find their base elsewhere. So it’s supposed to be the last of the legendary coach, and we’re going to pretend it’s officially the case. Cable fart in the middle of the third quarter, mythical press conference and a few insults towards the Republicans, we are ready.

#2: Witness the hatching of the next Kevin Durant, aka Devin Vassell

Endless arms, nerve, a shoot that is developing well, a clearly progressing handle and increased responsibilities? This is the perfect combo to experience the big jump of Devin Vassell, a little nugget who is slowly growing up on the San Antonio ranch. Last season, the talent seemed so obvious that transfers were made to allow him to play as a starter. And this season, knowing that there are three professional level players in his team, Vassell could leave the towel aside and offer us a great regular. Yes because the Spurs will not go to the Playoffs, I think that one is done. Come on, 15 to 18 points average with good defense and the smile? We take, we take.

#3: This video

#4: Take up another sport, or recover your sleep

Oh well, there’s never been a better year to follow anything other than the NBA. So if you’ve always dreamed of doing sand yachting, Peruvian boxing or freediving ping-pong, it’s now. The same for those who have not punished too much in the last 20 years because the Spurs have rolled over the competition, 2023 will rhyme with mattresses. Look at things positively.

#5 : La triade de rookies, Sochan – Wesley – Branham

Three kids drafted in the first round, it doesn’t happen every day. And even less in San Antonio, where for centuries it was necessary to wait for the end of the first round with a trickle of drool to see an obscure non-American land at the Spurs. No more 180p quality mixtapes with Nujabes on the soundtrack, we move on to young phenomena who have their hands full of talent. Jeremy Sochan has excellent potential, but will he start soon? And if so, what type of player will Gregg Popovich have in his hands? Blake Wesley and Malaki Branham land on the same position, but who will be the best of the two off the bench? These three kids will punctuate the hype this year, their development will be closely monitored. Mention obviously for Josh Primo, who could also receive some great creative assignments.

#6: Reason number 6

Did you seriously think we were going to find 10 good reasons to follow these Spurs this season? This team is a nightmare.

#7: It’s a good year to tank

If you’ve never followed the NCAA or the G-League, this is the year to get started. And more? It is the good vintage that has been targeted. Because between Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson, Nick Smith, Amen Thompson, Dariq Whitehead and other cracks who will illuminate the next year of basketball, it is better to be in the Top 5 of lose over the next few months. There’s franchise player and even generational talent to be drafted in a little less than a year, so better look into it now and find out who we’re talking about when the ping pong balls make history in the Lottery of the Draft 2023. Go see the friends of Envergure, stream the G-League on Twitch, in short, have fun on scouting.

#8 : La Trade Deadline 2023

Big news for the Spurs, and you saw it last season, when your team aims for the abyssal depths of humanity you are much more active at the trade deadline! So, between Jakob Poeltl, Gorgui Dieng, Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott to name a few, we have four veterans who have a good chance of attracting competitive teams next February. You take the Derrick White model, and you press REPEAT. The objective will be to scrape the Draft pick in exchange, even if it means recovering players with albatross contracts to do this. Usually we had the Rodeo Road Trip and the HEB pubs to entertain us in winter, this time it will be very different with an increased presence in the transfer rumors.

#9: Do you know the Petit Bambou application?

I have a friend who recommended this app to me during the very first confinement, frankly it’s not bad. Breathing exercises to not freak out, audiobooks with soothing stories when you’re on 14 defeats in a row, honestly it does the job. Once a day calms the mind, you sleep like a baby. Tested and validated by Kings fans.

#10: Celebrating 10 years of Ray Allen’s shoot

Yes because, even if it means making the next few months a real thalassotherapy in hell, you might as well punctuate it with class. So next June, the NBA is going to make a big deal out of it around the 10th anniversary of Ray Allen’s shoot, and Miami Heats fans (we see the basketix) are going to bore us with Bosh’s rebound. Take the season to redo the videos of the 2013-14 campaign. Relive the great moments of this beautiful era, because in a year you will be the ones who will puff out your chest by recalling which team has played the best collectively in the modern era.



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