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Mark Zuckerberg emphasized in a recent update that his social platform Instagram will expand its support for NFTs.In addition, it was revealed in the update that one of his 1992 minor league baseball cards was about to be auctioned, and the deal would include NFTs.


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As indicated by the link to the Metropolis Comic Collect in Zuckerberg’s post, the photo is not owned by Zuckerberg. This baseball card was given to a camp counselor when he was a child at a summer camp, and the counselor has since kept it. This auction will not only include this physical card, but will also be made into NFT artwork for sale. In Zuckerberg’s post, it was mentioned that he was only 8 years old when this photo was taken, and his baseball batting average reached 0.920, but the foreign technology media The Verge expressed doubts.

This is certainly an interesting time for Meta. The company’s main revenue, Facebook, saw its first decline in the second quarter, and Instagram was in disarray as it rolled back a TikTok-like feature test, as CEO Adam Mosseri told Kathy As Casey Newton put it, “people are frustrated and using data is not very good”.

As such, Meta is dabbling in the “digital collectibles” niche, albeit with a sharp collapse after its winter peak. A tracker on Dune shows data from OpenSea showing that sales have remained fairly flat in the months since, after falling from levels in May.



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