What is the difference between a paddle tennis racket and a tennis racket?

State of Mexico.- Certain similarities link padel and tennis, however between the two sports there are several differences and one of them is the type of tool that athletes must use to be recognized as players of this discipline, we are talking about the type of racket .

Although, at first glance, it seems that playing paddle tennis and tennis is the same, the truth is that it is quite the opposite, since the competitors of the first sport need to hold a type of racket which is made of elaborate materials such as: Carbon, glass , foam, Eva, among others.

To play paddle tennis, blades are required that are smaller than the same tennis racket, which consists of a frame with an open ring and maintains authenticity by being composed of a type of net or rubber that covers it to be used in matches. of this kind.

Said instrument is manufactured by different sports brands, the most popular: Wilson, Dunlop, Babolar and Head, which have taken advantage of their experience and technology to create paddle tools that are classified into blades of: Power, control or versatility.

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The paddle tennis racket has dimensions of 45.5 centimeters long, 26 centimeters wide and 38 millimeters thick. On the other hand, the tennis racket will not exceed 73.7 centimeters in length and 31.7 centimeters in width. The hitting or stringing surface will not exceed 39.4 centimeters in length.


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