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Fortaleza and Millonarios will play one of the places in the semifinals of the BetPlay Cup, after playing the first leg a few weeks ago, where the blues took advantage, defeating the B team by 3 to 0.

The winner of this key will face Deportivo Independiente Medellín. Follow here, LIVE, the second leg of the quarterfinals.

31′ Excellent play by Daniel Cataño who cuts his mark, enables Diego Herazo and his shot is saved at the corner by Yimy Gómez.

28 & # 39; Gooooooooal for Millionaires! Lethal counterattack that Daniel Cataño assists Carlos Gómez, his shot is diverted in Yimy Gómez, but does not prevent the second goal. How little the tie lasted. Fortress 1-2 Millionaires (2-5 overall score).

27′ Great shot by Sebastián Navarro that Álvaro Montero rejects with his bearing to the corner.

24′ Goooooooooal for Fortaleza! Ronaldo Pajaro assists Jhon Solís who, with a lot of space, takes out a low long shot that means the discount. Fortaleza 1-1 Millionaires (2-4 overall score).

23′ Infraction of Kliver Moreno to Jhon Solís in the spinal cord.

21′ Center of Juan Camilo García to which Diego Herazo does not arrive. Carlos Gómez rescues the ball on the wing and possession remains with Millonarios. Gómez himself ends after another shipment to the area with a shot from above.

20′ Infraction of Pedro Franco to Diego Herazo.

16′ The domain, at least with the ball, is completely albiazul. Low Tenure Fortress tries to attack, but fails to break the defense.

14′ Fortaleza comes alive again, but the defense of Millonarios clears.

10′ Goooooooooal for Millionaires! Reject from Fortaleza’s defense that remains for Ricardo Rosales and as the ball came he takes an impossible whiplash for Yimy Gómez. Fortaleza 0-1 Millionaires (1-4 aggregate score)

9′ Fortaleza warns with a great shot by Sebastián Navarro after a play woven by Adrián Parra. The ball hits the outer mesh.

5′ The party goes through the control of Millonarios completely. Jáder Valencia, the most active in the attack.

4′ Adrián Parra’s center that goes lost over the crossbar.

3′ Good cut by Brayan Blandón that is remade after Jáder Valencia eludes him and before Daniel Cataño touches the ball he rejects.

1′ Jáder Valencia tries on the left wing with a center covered by Brayan Blandón and Yimy Gómez secures the ball.

0′ The match begins in Bogota. Fortress 0-0 Millionaires.

The protocol acts sound at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín Stadium.

Fortress and Millionaire Alignments


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