VfB Langenhagen eV – The intensive practice pays off

The hard practice pays off

VfB judoka pass belt tests

For the summer holidays things got colorful on the judo mat of VfB Langenhagen and that started after the Easter holidays. In the judo mice, Aban Abshaish, Adrian Herbst, Clara Thiemann, Emilia Schrage, Julian Schrage, Lennart Müller, Miran Matkovijc, Neele Brickmeyer and Zerin Tomen started their first judo exam on their way to a black belt and Jannis and Luca completed their minimum mouse exam. Laura Behrendt faced her first belt test in the Thursday group of the “big ones”. At the beginning of May, Emilia Morgenstern and her friend Emilie Heineke followed with their first judo exam and are happy to now wear the white and yellow belt. Just a few days later things got serious in the Friday group, because after that day the examinees were not only allowed to put on their new judo belts, but also switched to the next group. Congratulations to Arian Saghaei, Jonas Frenz, Nicolas Herbst and Oskar Sierek on the yellow-orange belt. Neo Weiss, Alexander Spatz and Lennart Sassenberg now proudly wear the orange belt. Just one week later, Daniel Kaczorek and Pawel Ciesielski passed their second judo exam and from now on wear yellow belts. But the first judo tests could also be booked for adults. Astrid and Charlotte Loßin achieved the white and yellow belt in mid-May. After a month’s break from exams, numerous young judoka once again demonstrated their knowledge and were rewarded with a new belt. In mid-June, Birthe Kappler achieved the white and yellow belt, Saskia Rennemann and Phillipp Korinth are happy about the yellow belt and Charlotte Schaarschmidt and Phil Thom even have the orange-green belt on. Exam fever also prevailed in the Tuesday group. Issa Shafag, Mattis Schwabe and Tobias Schuberth passed their first belt test here.

Brian Rowbotham, David Rowbotham, Isabella Niedan, Johan Germs, Jonathan Luy, Lea Demlang, Liam Krol, Marlene Germs and Tom Demlang then used the last week of training before the holidays to demonstrate their knowledge. They passed their first judo test and are now wearing the white and yellow belt. At the same time, Cataleya, Damian, Jannis, Lea, Luca, Luisa, Max, Mira, Miriam, Rune, Tim and Tom successfully completed their mini mouse test. Max Dörge has already achieved the yellow belt, while Roman Müller is happy about the orange-green belt. For Vivien Hoppe, Julian Tosch and Vincent Wiegel it was the last test at club level. You are now wearing the green belt.

We congratulate all young judoka and wish them good luck and success on their way to a black belt. Anyone who would like to get started here is cordially invited to the trial training. After the summer holidays we would all like to start again together. Where and when we can be found, as well as further insights into club life, can be found on the club’s website

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