Versus / San Jose swept Olimpia Kings in the final and is tri-champion of Paraguayan basketball


9 Ago 08:57

The Deportivo San José club beat Olimpia King again (73-72), on Monday at the León Condou stadium, in the third game and with an indisputable 3-0 in the final series, they became champions of the National Basketball League by third consecutive edition.

Faced with a spectacular atmosphere in the sports center, the holy team managed to prevail in a heart-stopping game closure in what seemed like a fringed comeback.

The third quarter ended with a 10 point difference in favor of San José (59 to 49), but Olimpia King did not throw in the towel and began to gain ground. They tied it 70-70 with 1 minute and 14 seconds to go, but the albiceleste team scored 3 points and became unattainable for the fringed team, who missed incredible plays.

The first game of the final series had ended 70-69, while the second ended 75-73.

With his title, Deportivo San José reached 13 consecrations and becomes the current three-time champion of Paraguayan Basketball after having also won the 2019 and 2021 editions, considering that there was no league in 2020, due to the pandemic.

Olimpia Kings continues to be the most successful player in Paraguayan basketball with 34 titles, while San José reached Libertad with 13 consecrations.


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Cup of Paraguay

9 Ago 08:22

A week of definitions begins in the Copa Paraguay 2022 in which the last 6 classified to the round of 16 of the competition will be known in which candidates such as Libertad and Olimpia have already scored and will have to collide with each other in the next round.

The card will begin this week with a clash between two teams from the Primera B. At Kelito Gardens, Atlético Tembetary will face Deportivo Capiatá starting at 4:00 p.m. While in the second shift, from 6:30 p.m., River Plate (Intermediate Division) will face 12 de Octubre de Itauguá, one of the First Division teams that has not yet debuted in the competition this season.

Guaraní, another of those who already know what it is to win this competition, will take action on Wednesday against Cristóbal Colón of J. Augusto Saldívar, of the Third Division of Paraguayan football. The match will be at the Rogelio Livieres stadium from 18:3

That same day, but from 4:00 p.m. and at the Adrián Jara, Atlético Colegiales and Resistencia will look for the ticket to the round of 16 of the contest.

The last two classified to the next round will be known on Thursday, August 11 with the matches that will be played at the Antonio Aranda stadium in Ciudad del Este.

Starting at 16:00, the modest Juventud de San Cosme y Damián, the only UFI team still running, will challenge the Tacuary de Barrio Jara, who comes envalentonado from the hand of Iván Almeida.

And the last match of the round of 16 will be from 18:30 and will feature Fulgencio Yegros de Ñemby and General Caballero de Juan León Mallorquín, where the new coach, Gustavo Florentín, will make his official debut.


Paraguayans abroad

9 Ago 08:01

The Paraguayan soccer player, Julio Enciso, made himself felt on social networks after adding his first minutes officially with the Brighton shirt; he played in the 3-2 loss to Crystal Palace in Premier League 2.

“Thank you my God for giving me this opportunity to add minutes. Thanks to all the people who sent me messages of support. Thank God it was just a blow, the wound did not open. We continue to learn and improve,” was the message left by the “Jewel” on her twitter account.

During the game against Crystal Palace, Julio ended up rolling on the pitch after suffering a foul from a rival player. In social networks they treated him as exaggerated, but what many do not know is that the contact was on his face, in the same area in which he had suffered the delicate injury after a clash with Luis Zárate, defender of Olimpia .

The youth squad from La Libertad was not called up by Brighton’s main team for Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut against Manchester United, a match that ended up being favorable for the “Seagulls”. For this reason, Enciso had to make his debut with the Sub 21 (Reserve).

The talented 18-year-old Paraguayan player arrived in England less than two months ago and is in the midst of adjusting to a new culture, a new language and more.



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