Trieste vince contro lo Zlatorog

The “first” summer of the Trieste basketball gives smiles: the team of Marco Legovich takes advantage of the many difficulties of the first minutes, then finding the square against the masters of Lasko (Slovenian top flight). Waiting to see the full roster (Davis and Gaines have yet to arrive in Italy), the Julian gang is imposed for 66-75 on the Slovenian parquet of the Zlatorog. With three weeks of training in the legs and mechanisms all logically to be run in, the red and white convince from the second quarter onwards, finding the intensity and the right answers for a “W” that makes morale.

Trieste starts with Bossi, Bartley, the young Daijuan Antonio, Lever and Vildera in the starting quintet. The first red and white points are of Bartley with the 2/2 in the line in the first moments of the match, the Zlatorog starts better in attack and with a partial of 10-0 goes up +8 at 4 ‘, forcing Legovich to call time-out. The hosts have warm hands from the perimeter even coming out of the time-out (triple by Copot and Medved for the momentary 16-4 at 5 ‘), the first basket from the guest field arrives at 6’ with the bomb pocketed by Campogrande which is repeated in the next action, always from 6 and 75. Trieste rifiata, returning under the double figure of disadvantage (18-11, time-out Lasko) and also finding a good Marcus under the basket to conquer rebounds and fouls: Lasko still remains in the lead until the first siren, with the advantage of six lengths in the 10 ‘(22-16).

For a few moments you see the newcomer Fayne on the parquet at the beginning of the second quarter, they are Lever e Bartley to mend the tear (22-20 at 13 ‘). The Trieste defense raises the engine revs with several steals, another triple of Campogrande and the giuliani found the equal at an altitude of 24 at 15 ‘, then for the first time in the match putting the arrow with the free shots scored by Pacher. The good propensity in one-on-one allows Trieste to stay ahead in the minutes that follow, with Pacher and above all Campogrande to be protagonists in the extended host close to the halfway point: the +7 arrives at 20 ‘, which is also the maximum advantage of the first half of the race (32-39).

Third quarter with Bartley to get into the chair for the Trieste Basketball: the former Ironi Nes Ziona puts in six lightning fast in four minutes, keeping the red and white ahead in the score (39-47). Here come the first points of Fayne, resulting in a double-digit gap that sublimes a few moments later with a 6-0 break to further widen the gap in favor of the guests. The Zlatorog takes refuge in a couple of heavy pitches to file the disadvantage (47-56 at 28 ‘), but the inertia remains in Trieste’s hands on the penultimate siren, with the +11 al 30’.

At the “Tri lilije” in Lasko the friendly remains open in the score seven from the end (-8 Zlatorog), the partial 4-0 Bartley almost definitively removes Trieste until the end. Pacher nails the dunk of +12 at 37 ‘(57-69), there is also the lightning of Fayne with the 2 + 1 that closes the accounts at 1’34’ ‘from the end. While waiting for more convincing tests (first in order of time, the derby against Udine next Friday at the Memorial Pajetta), the first sign is comforting for the new Trieste of “Lego”


Zlatorog Lasko – Pallacanestro Trieste 66-75 (22-16, 32-39, 47-58)

Trieste basketball: Pacher 11, Bossi 7, Deangeli 5, Fayne 5, Antonio, Campogrande 17, Vildera 5, Bartley 14, Lever 6, Rolli, Marcius 5, Sheqiri. Herds Legovich



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