“Totally blank”: Cristiano Ronaldo ignored the former footballer live who had pointed out that “no club wants him”

It was in the Manchester United-Liverpool preview

“No club wants Cristiano Ronaldo”had said Jamie Carragher about the Portuguese star, in conflict with the Manchester United, a club from which he wants to leave to sign for an institution that competes in the Champions League. But so far he has not closed with any (Chelsea, Atlético Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, the last destinations that sounded). And he remains in the Red Devils reluctantly, while he waits if the transfer market moves -it closes at the end of the month-.

Well, in this context, the critic and his target crossed paths on the field of play prior to the duel between United and Liverpool for the third date of the Premier League. With David Jonesthe presenter of Sky Sports, as host, CR7, 37, came to greet the sector where the analysts were, all former luminaries of British football, such as Gary Neville, Roy Keane and the aforementioned Carragher. It was there that the Portuguese took revenge… Before the TV cameras, to heal his ego live and direct.

“Doing his best,” says the host of the match preview (in which, for example, coach Erik ten Hag and Casemiro, a brand-new reinforcement, had already spoken), when Cristiano bursts onto the scene. At that moment they comment that he will be on the substitute bench, while the striker is waving. He does it with Neville, but by the time he reaches Carragher, he snubs him, leaving him with his hand outstretched. He continues with Keane and leaves without comment. “Do you want to talk to all of us?”, they ask him, perhaps knowing his answer. “Maybe later,” replies the attacker.

Everyone laughed at the sequence, including Jamie, a former Liverpool defender and usually a critic of Ronaldo, especially of this latest version with little commitment, or only commitment to his situation, despite the fact that he has a valid contract with United until 2023.

“Nice conversation with you”they cheated him after the snub to the former defender, twice a World Cup player and champion of the Champions League in 2005. “Totally blank!”he joked himself with CR7’s dribbling. “Like most people”, the presenter goaded him to close the video, which went viral.

“I always thought that his comeback was a bit strange, I felt that this situation would come, even if Ronaldo did well. So now the situation is complicated for United because other clubs don’t want him. And I think if you ask Ten Hag, I don’t think he wants it. And I’m not too sure that the Manchester United dressing room wants Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment.”, had been the crude declaration of the defender that angered CR7, as was clear in his reaction in the face to face.

Cristiano Ronaldo, in the warm-up with Bruno Fernandes. Then he went to the bench of substitutes (REUTERS / Phil Noble)

Carragher always defined himself as an admirer of Lionel Messi. He even got to debate on TV with Gary Neville, defender of CR7. “You only have 10 minutes to win a game, who do you choose, Messi or Cristiano?” was the slogan launched almost a year ago.

There, the former Liverpool was blunt: “Messi has a better goalscoring record than Ronaldo and is also a playmaker. Messi can lead a match. Ronaldo can’t do that. And it’s not a criticism. Messi, as a player, takes you to a place where you really can’t believe what you’re seeing. What Ronaldo does are things that other players can do. You’ve seen someone else being very good at heading, you’ve seen someone else being very good at running, taking free kicks, all of those things. Messi does things that we have never seen before. The assists, directing the match from his position”.


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