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CARSOLI – The Edoardo Marcangeli Association presents the sixth edition of the EDOmaniSigioca event, Saturday
20 August 2022, from 10.00, at the sports center “Le Sequoie” Via Tiburtina Valeria Km.
68,900 Carsoli. “EDOmaniSiGioca” is an event promoted by the Edoardo Association
Marcangeli with the aim of offering a return of the work carried out daily in the department
of Onco-Hematology at the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome and in the “A Casa di
EDO “. The event is also aimed at raising funds to support charitable initiatives
and for the achievement of social goals.
It takes place every year at the “Le Sequoie” Sports Center in Carsoli (AQ) and sees the
sport and art, united for one purpose: Solidarity! Many associations, cooperatives, pro-loco e
local realities collaborate to create a day full of fun between sports,
entertainment, music, creative workshops, food and much more for young and old.
The structure of the program is repeated annually in a constant way: the opening of the event with
the celebration of the Holy Mass, the launch of the balloon to greet our Edo and the succession
various activities (zomba, dance, tennis, archery, volleyball, soccer, judo, creative workshops,
climbing, singing performances and much more. The pro loco territoriali who never miss theirs
support by guaranteeing lunch to the participants, each with their own culinary specialties.
Subsequently, we dedicate ourselves to a moment of discussion: “the round table”, according to the theme
proposed by the Board of Directors of the Association which, gladly takes the opportunity, to inform the
partners on the activities carried out and future projects, usually with testimonies of the children’s experience e
of the families welcomed “A Casa di Edo”.
There are also stands for the entire day for the sale of sweets and for the membership of
those who intend to support the Association.
After the afternoon activities, the day comes to an end with an emotional greeting from everyone in Edo
with the launch of the balloons and a “colorful” moment guaranteed by the launch of color powder, like this
that the thousand colors “visible” on the faces of each can be a reflected image of the color of the hearts.
The central theme of this year will be raising awareness of blood donation; a
a mission that is configured as a strong and important signal in a society with ever more values
weak. Being donors, as well as being a social fact, is having within that particular sensitivity that
allows you to feel at the disposal of others; it is an inner state that allows you to enhance the
value of life, to break down those barriers that too often divide us.
This is in synthesis the philosophy and the culture that EDOmaniSplayed every year with this event wants
transmit; a particular message and not easy to propose because if it is to speak of a gift
difficult … talking about the gift of blood, platelets and marrow is even more difficult.

Saturday 20 August 2022 “Le Sequoie” Sports Center – Carsoli (AQ)
8:00 am: “Donating blood is an act of solidarity”
It will be possible to donate blood at an accredited and authorized blood bank
by the competent regional authorities directly at the restaurant Le Sequoie
10.00: Opening of the event: Launch of the balloon with the singing performance of
Marco Malatesta with the song: “THE GIFTS OF EDO”
10:30 am: Holy Mass in union with Edo on the anniversary of the
his birth to heaven. The Holy Mass will be celebrated by Don Roberto Cristofaro e
animated by the Harmony Symphonic Choir of Oricola and Carsoli directed by the teacher
Beatrice Minati.
11:30 am: Recreational-Sports activities start
1.00 pm: Lunch with singing entertainment and many specialties: “Le cantine di
Edo “by local authorities:
➢ Pro loco Carsoli
➢ Instead of Tufo
➢ Pro loco Colli di Montebove
➢ Pro loco Poggio Cinolfo
➢ In place of Valdevarri
➢ Pro loco Civita di Oricola
➢ New Arsoli youth group
➢ Carsholiday
➢ Al Cavaliere restaurant
➢ Le Sequoie restaurant
13.00 / 14.00: Marco Malatesta and Giulia Amici
14.00 / 14: 30: Marco Boni
14: 30/15: 30: Eleonora Eleonori
16:00: Resumption of sports activities and the show directly from The Voice
Russell Russell accompanied by the dance troupe.
18:30: Launch of the balloons accompanied by the song “SALAH PERCHE ‘TI
AMO ”(Text written by our Edo) directed by Prof. Simonetta Simonetti e
Barbara Harvest.
19:00 EDO’S COLOR and Closing of the event.
Participating associations:
➢ Civil Protection
➢ Local Red Cross
➢ Cinzia Cipriani dance school ”of the Athlon gymnasium in Carsoli
➢ Zumba and Fit Walk with the Isabella zin
Tennis Club “Le Sequoie”
➢ Real Carsoli “Edo Marcangeli”
➢ ASD The sequoias
➢ ASD Piana del Cavaliere
➢ Volley Carsoli
➢ The Artists of the Piana del Cavaliere,
➢ Company 10 Askalaie
➢ Guests of the “Passaggi” therapeutic and rehabilitation community
➢ “Bubusettete” social cooperative,
➢ Association “The world in a room 2”,
➢ CAI section of Carsoli “Sandro Iacuitti”
➢ Artists for God: Erika Fossati, Elena Pontiggia, Antonella Profeta, Gaetano
Prophet, Giovanna Guasticie, Alessia Baudille and Valentina Mulè



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