The reason for the altercation between Teo Gutiérrez and Mayer Candelo

Luis Fernando Mena, new president of Deportivo Cali, spoke with El Alargue de Caracol Radio about his appointment and all the news from the first team. Among the topics she touched on was the altercation between Teófilo Gutiérrez and Mayer Candelo. The player did not show up for training at the beginning of the week, argued with the coach and was not called up for the match against Envigado, which he lost 0-3 in Palmaseca.

The leader stated that everything originated from a communication problem between the two of them. Candelo had given the players a rest, Teo left Cali and “did not get to return the night he was supposed to arrive.” The next day, in morning training, the captain did not show up like his teammates did.

“There was just misinformation between them. Teo went on a trip, he did not get to return the night he was supposed to arrive and as far as I have understood he wrote to Professor Mayer at about 10:30 at night, late hour, and the teacher is a person who is in the training camp at 5:30 in the morning, so he goes to bed very early. He did not see it (the message), his habit is to get to work, not to look at the cell phone. When she looked at him it was in the afternoon. The environments were already hot, it was an unfortunate situation, but we are among adults, they have already spoken and things are normal, “said Mena in El Alargue.

He added that Candelo’s decision not to summon him to the match against Envigado “was correct” and he hopes that everything ends in a good way with the meeting they will have with Marco Caicedo, former president and current vice president of the club.

“Former President Marco Caicedo will meet with both of them tomorrow (today, Friday). The former president has a closer relationship with Teo and Mayer. The idea is that he would take care of that, in case there is any roughness, file it once and for all, “he said.

Lastly, Mena understands that Teo will be on the squad list for this Saturday’s game against Millonarios in Bogotá. The game will be at 8:15 pm in El Campín.



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