The Palio celebrated at the Baligio by Borgo Romanisio

Jockey and archers with the president of the Pro loco Mary Dutto and the spokesperson Dario Armando

Borgo Romanisio celebrated with a dinner at Circolo Annalisa di Sant’Antonio Baligio, on Friday 29 July, the victory of the Palio 2022. More than a hundred diners invited by the Pro loco del Borgo, led by Mary Dutto. Center stage the jockey Walter Aimar and the three archers Paolo Gastaldi, Vincenzo Tuveri and Sandro Toti (with the reserve Sonia Picco), the team that brought home the fifth Palio in the history of the Borgo with the 2nd place in the horse race and the 3rd in the archery. Each of them received a certificate of merit from the hands of Abbà and Abbess del Borgo, Fabrizio Bernardi and Daniela Trucco. An award was also given to young people who competed in the common games on Friday evening, finishing in 2nd place: the four owners Valeria Giordano, Andrea Bergese, Matteo Cometto, Gabriele Giordano and the two reserves Chiara Cometto and Sonia Picco. The Palio 2022, exhibited at the Annalisa club during the evening, will continue the “summer tour” touching all the fractional parties.



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