The ‘NBA offers’ leave Campazzo one step closer to returning to Real Madrid

Yet another summer, Real Madrid has moved quickly in the market. They have been reinforced in the key positions, and Chus Mateo has a squad to aspire to everything.

Nevertheless, there is still a small point to resolve, and that is the base position. As happened a year ago, it is the one that is causing the most problems, since Heurtel has not been renewed, Alocén is injured, and Williams-Goss too, leaving doubts about his continuity.

Sergio Rodríguez has arrived, it is true, and everything indicates that the American will continue, but until he recovers, it will have to be Núñez again, or the reconverted Causeur, Hanga, Abalde or even Deck who perform those functions.

All this could be turned upside down with the return of Campazzo, a signing for which the board has been longing for a long time and that would be a great reinforcement with the man who is looking for the direction of the game.

But there was a big problem Facu wants to continue in the NBA. His priority is to find a franchise that offers him a contract to continue for at least the next season in the United States.

However, he did not have a detail, and that is that At the moment he is not receiving offers from any team. He is still waiting, trusting that one will arrive, but his idea was for the end of July and it was not like that.

As we say, he wants to continue rushing options, but the fact that they have no proposal or firm interest in him brings him a little closer to Real Madrid, which is still waiting for him.

Chus Mateo’s planning is not based on him. If he doesn’t arrive there are options, as was shown last year and Williams-Goss is expected to demonstrate what he was beginning to teach before the injury. (Núñez drops the bomb about his future)

But of course, if he ends up coming back, the same thing will happen with Deck. He is a player who knows the club, who knows how schemes and some of his teammates work, and who would make that leap in quality, with a point guard with a lot of experience.

The only thing that can cause is that the decision is made that Núñez go to another team, where he can have more minutes and thus not see his progression slowed down.


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