The Lakers’ new plan to acquire Kyrie Irving

For several weeks the Brooklyn Nets have heard offers from other teams to keep the last year of Kyrie Irving’s contract, but so far the Los Angeles Lakers are the closest to an agreement to exchange him for Russell Westbrook for the 2022 season. 23 in the NBA.

Initially, the negotiations had stalled in the face of the Californians’ refusal to give up future draft picks, but a new report suggests that the Lakers’ management would have changed their minds and they could give up two first-round picks (2027 and 2029) to acquire to the veteran point guard.

For now, there is no confirmation that the Nets are willing to reach a deal under those conditions, but the idea of ​​having two top-tier prospects locked in their future is surely much more tempting for them, especially for future negotiations with other players. equipment.

It’s clear that GM Rob Pelinka is looking for all sorts of alternatives to get rid of the $47 million he has committed to his salary cap under the final year of Westbrook’s contract, even if it means giving up two more prospects and weakening a potential rebuild. in the future.



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