The Graus summer campus draws the curtain until 2023

The bulk of the Graus campuses and summer courses closed last week with the Huesca Football School (EFO) and string instruments, after bringing together more than 500 children and young people since last June. The capital of Ribagorza is thus consolidated as a benchmark for summer training, especially in terms of sports and football campuses, with the EFO itself or the Alcoraz Foundation and SD Huesca; or cycling, led by Sergio Samitier and the Fundación Deporte Joven; although those related to culture also stand out, such as the different courses of the Graus Summer Musical Academy.

For several years now, The town of Graus has become an essential setting for children’s and youth campuses during the summer months. Its privileged location, in an area of ​​the pre-Pyrenees that is ideal for enjoying nature and water sports in the Ésera and Isábena rivers and Lake Barasona, make it a suitable enclave to learn while enjoying the summer.

The City Council also has a wide range of municipal facilities suitable for responding to the needs of large groups with all guarantees. While the municipal hostel is ideal for group overnight stays, beyond accommodation, there are two sports hallsone at the IES Baltasar Gracián and another at the municipal sports facilities, where there is also a soccer field, multipurpose courts and swimming pools with three pools suitable for all levels.

As for the classrooms, Graus City Council makes available to the campuses those located in the Casa de la Cultura, those of the IES Baltasar Gracián itself and the outer space of the cloister of the Basilica de la Peña, especially suitable for concerts and auditions.

The Councilor for Education and Sports of the Graus City Council, Beatriz Cosculluela, numbered half a thousand participants who have attracted the Graus summer campuses throughout the summer so far. “We have music, a judo camp was held, last week it was the cycling camp with Sergio Samitier and this week the SD Huesca camp, before the boys and girls from the Huesca Football School come”.

respect to the sports campuses, the judo campus attracted 80 participants; the cycling one, to a total of 84 participants; that of the SD Huesca also exceeds 80 and that of the EFO counts this same week, with a total of 55 students. To all of them, we must add the around 60 from the Summer Musical Academy, almost 30 from the string course that closed its twentieth edition last Wednesday and that, fully consolidated, reaches its quarter century this year.

“We can talk about Graus as a benchmark in sports and music summer camps,” said Cosculluela, very satisfied with the response, despite the fact that the volume of visitors complicates management. “In the month of July, it was necessary to make calculations to fit the campuses”, concluded the mayor of Graus.



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