the French to follow this Friday in Munich

Another day of emotion on Bavarian soil with this fifth day of competition. Good chances of medal will be to follow on the tricolor side.

Fifth day of competition in Munich, after a slightly disappointing day yesterday for the tricolor delegation. No matter. The Blues are moving forward today with new chances of medals, especially in the 400 meter hurdles where three Frenchmen will be in the final.

The complete program of the Blues:

10:00 a.m: the day is off to a great start for the French athletics team with the men’s 4×100 m series. The Blues will evolve in the second series with the following composition: Pablo Mateo, Jimmy Vicaut, Mickael-Meba Zeze and Ryan Zeze.

10h05 : we continue with women’s high jump and our French representative Solene Gicquel. In this qualification competition, our jumper will compete in group B and will try to clear 1m94 (directly qualifying bar), or to slip into the top 12, synonymous with qualification for the final. With the best jump of the season measured at 1m88, the task should still prove difficult for the 27-year-old Rennaise.

10h25 : another 4×100 m relay, but this time for women. The French team will race in series number 2 with the following composition: Floriane Gnafoua, Gemima Joseph, Mallory Leconte and Hélène Parisot. The objective, as for the boys, will be to take one of the first three qualifying places.

10h57 : Renelle Lamote enters the track. Easily qualified for the semi-finals, the 800m runner will this time try to enter the final. For this, it will be necessary to finish among the first three of the second half, where it will be aligned.

11:10 a.m.: the time of the relays continues with this time the series of the 4×400 m Men. Teo Andant, Gilles Biron, Simon Boypa and Loic Prevot will give everything to enter the top three of series number two, where they will be aligned. In which case, two nations will be drafted on time over all the series. Gentlemen, on your marks… Ready? Go!

11:15 a.m.: back in the throwing area after Quentin Bigot’s 7th place last night in the hammer final. This time it will be javelin qualifications with our Frenchman Felise Vahai Sosaia. In group B, he will give everything to try to reach the final, even if it will undoubtedly be complicated (best throw of the season measured at 78m09, his personal best. The qualifying line and placed at 83m50).

11h40 : the track regains its rights with the Women’s 4×400 m relay. Amandine Brossier, Diane Iscaye, Sokhna Lacoste and Marjorie Veyssiere will, like the men before them, try to finish in the top three of this second series. Otherwise, it will be necessary to hope to pass in time.

20h27 : two great medal chances for France return to the Munich stadium. Qualified for the semi-finals this Thursday, Gabriel Tual and Benjamin Robert will this time try to enter the 800m final. Sixth at the Worlds in Eugene, the first city is one of the big favorites for the title. French champion in the discipline, Benjamin Robert will try to forget his disappointment at the world championships, where he was eliminated in the semi-finals.

21h00 : the 3,000 m steeplechase has often succeeded for the French team. This Friday, two Blues will represent the blue, white, red flag in the final. Djilali Bedrani and Louis Gilavert have a card to play to get on the podium and offer another medal to France.

22h00 : the day of glory has arrived for Wilfried Happio? Fourth in Eugene, a hair’s breadth from the medal, the Frenchman is in the final of the 400m hurdles this Friday and will try to become European champion. He is in any case the favorite, alongside the Norwegian Karsten Warholm. Two other tricolors will also be in the fight. Ludvy Vaillant and Victor Coroller showed great things in the semi-finals. They might be able to create a surprise.

22h22 : last suspense of the day for the France team. Shana Grebo will take part in the final of the women’s 200m and will try to close this 5th day of the European championships in style.



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