The Club Rivadavia de Junín finished the work on the basketball court • Diario Democracia

Rivadavia de Junín finished the work on the basketball court with the placement of the game board. I already had the new hoops placed and painted the perimeter of the game with the corresponding additional demarcation band.

The court will be inaugurated on the occasion of the neighborhood classic against San Martín, on the first date of the closing championship of the Juninense Basketball Association, probably next week.


Closure 2022

1st close

Junin Vs The Indians
Buenos Aires Vs July 9
Cavul Vs Cyclist
Sarmiento Vs Argentina
Deportivo Vs El Linqueno
Rivadavia Vs San Martin
Libre: Union Carmena

2nd close

The Linqueno Vs Rivadavia
Argentine Vs Deportivo
Cavul Vs Sarmiento
July 9 Vs Cyclist
The Indians Vs Porteno
Union Vs Junin
Libre: San Martin

3rd Close

Porteño vs Union
Cyclist Vs The Indians
Sarmiento Vs July 9
Deportivo Vs Cavul
Rivadavia Vs Argentina
San Martin Vs Linqueno
Libre: Club Junin

4th Close

Argentine Vs San Martin
Cavul Vs Rivadavia
July 9 vs Sports
The Indians vs. Sarmiento
Union Vs Cyclist
Junin Vs Porteno
Libre: The Linqueno

5th Close

Cyclist Vs Junín
Sarmiento Vs Union
Deportivo Vs Los Indios
Rivadavia Vs July 9
San Martin Vs Cavul
Linqueño Vs Argentino
Libre: Porteno from Chacabuco

6th Close

Cavul Vs El Linqueño
July 9 vs San Martin
The Indians Vs Rivadavia
Union Vs Deportivo
Junin Vs Sarmiento
Porteño Vs Cyclist
Libre: Argentinian

7th Close

Sarmiento vs Porteño
Deportivo Vs Junin
Rivadavia Vs Union
San Martin Vs Los Indios
The Linqueño Vs July 9
Argentino Vs Cavul
Libre: Juninense cyclist

8th Close

July 9 vs. Argentina
The Indians Vs Linqueño
Union Vs San Martin
Junin Vs Rivadavia
Porteño vs Deportivo
Cyclist Vs Sarmiento
Libre: Cavul

9th Close

Sporty Vs Cyclist
Rivadavia Vs Porteno
San Martín Vs Junín
The Linqueño Vs Union
Argentine Vs The Indians
Cavul Vs July 9
Libre: Sarmiento

10th Close

Indians Vs Cavul
Union Vs Argentina
Junin Vs Linqueno
Porteño vs San Martin
Cyclist Vs Rivadavia
Sarmiento Vs Deportivo
Libre: July 9th

11th Close

Rivadavia Vs Sarmiento
San Martin Vs Cyclist
Linqueno Vs Porteno
Argentine Vs Junin
Cavul Vs Union
July 9 Vs The Indians
Libre: Deportivo Baigorrita

12th Close

Union Vs July 9
Junín Vs Cavul
Buenos Aires Vs Argentine
Cyclist Vs Linqueño
Sarmiento Vs San Martin
Deportivo vs Rivadavia
Libre: The Indians

13th Close

San Martin Vs Deportivo
The Linqueño Vs Sarmiento
Argentine Vs Cyclist
Cavul vs Porteño
July 9 vs. Junin
Indians Vs Union
Libre: Rivadavia de Junin.



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