The big rant of Antoine Kombouaré on the transfer window of FC Nantes

FC Nantes had a paradoxical evening yesterday. In front of the scoreboard for just over an hour of play, he did rather well in the end with this 1-1 draw obtained at La Beaujoire against LOSC. As very often, Alban Lafont multiplied the decisive parades to keep his team afloat. There is still cause for concern for the Canaries who seem physically pained, one month from finding the European Cup.

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But it is above all the question of the transfer window that annoys behind the scenes, in particular a certain Antoine Kombouaré. “I am told to wait, but I will not wait long” first dropped the technician at the microphone of Premium Video after the meeting. As if to better prevent what he was going to say at a press conference. He had time to prepare his speech in which he implores his leaders to recruit and quickly because his group is too limited, especially with future European matches.

“Today, I want zero starts, above all I need finishes”

“I will be very clear with you. Today, I want zero starts, above all I need finishes. The group wants arrivals. It’s in all of our interests. Do I believe this is possible? In any case, if someone asks me the question, I would always say that. We have discussed enough and we know that today we need reinforcements above all. I don’t want my team to weaken.”, annoyed Kombouaré. It obviously refers to rumors sending Ludovic Blas to Lille or even to Moses Simon, in the small papers of Nottingham Forest, as we revealed.

“Simon and Ludo are very important players in the collective. You saw it tonight, we only have four attackers, with Evann Guessand and Mostafa Mohamed, so we have to keep them and work to get reinforcements. Yes, it is an emergency today, it is very clear. There is obviously a storm in the air at FC Nantes and the only track leading to Bordeaux Hwang Ui-Jo is still stuck, as we indicated last week. Already cold for many weeks with Waldemar Kita, the Kanak has not helped his situation. It must be said that there is reason to lament when you see your best players on the start when you claim the opposite.



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