Tennis Olympic champion: Tennis star Alexander Zverev makes diabetes public


Tennis Olympic championTennis star Alexander Zverev makes diabetes public

Alexander Zverev has been out of action for several weeks due to a ligament injury. Now the German announces that he has had diabetes since he was four years old. He wants to help other affected people with a foundation.

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The German Alex Zverev is currently the world number two.


Is always by his side: girlfriend Sophia Thomalla (32).

Is always by his side: girlfriend Sophia Thomalla (32).


After a violent misstep, Zverev has to leave the Center Court in Paris with crutches.

After a violent misstep, Zverev has to leave the Center Court in Paris with crutches.


  • Alexander Zverev has made it public that he suffers from diabetes.

  • The diagnosis was made when she was four years old.

  • The German establishes a foundation for children and young people with diabetes.

Tennis Olympic champion Alexander Zverev has made his longstanding diabetes public. At the age of four, the native of Hamburg was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. “When I was a little boy, I didn’t give it much thought, later more and more. I want to show that you can go a long way with this disease, »said Zverev on Saturday.

At the same time, the German announced the establishment of his foundation “Alexander Zverev Foundation – Aufschlag gegen Diabetes”. “Now, many years later and with the success behind me, I feel comfortable and confident enough to go public with this initiative,” said the native of Hamburg. He wants to be a role model for people who are already ill, but also a support for the children “who can still avoid getting diabetes with an active life and the right prevention”.

Zverev wants to give something back

In addition to providing insulin and other essential medicines, his foundation finances projects for affected children and young people. “I’m in the privileged position of living the life I’ve always wanted to lead. I always wanted to play tennis, travel to tournaments around the world and be among the best tennis players in the world.”

He succeeded, he owes it above all to his parents and his brother, who always supported him unconditionally on his way there and still do today, said the 25-year-old, who is currently in rehab after suffering a severe ligament injury comeback works. He is aware that not all children are so lucky and “therefore it is very important to me to give something back and to help other affected people on their way”.

Incurable disease

Diabetes is a metabolic disease, which means that the body can hardly or no longer produce any insulin. Type 1, as with Zverev, has not yet been cured, so those affected have to inject insulin for the rest of their lives.

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