Tampico driver gives sneakers to a barefoot man who asked for money

Tampico /

Sometimes the drivers of the public transportation are criticized for their way of driving, but this time a driver He was recognized on social networks for the noble work he did with a person in need.

The history It was published on social networks by a user of public transport. He says that a man asked the driver for permission to ask the passengers for money, to which the driver agreed.

But not only did he give him permission, he also he gave him some sneakersbecause the man was barefoot.

He reports that this happened in the Tampico-Altamira route and in unit number 19. For this act, the passenger said that it was to be admired because there are few people like that.

“A round of applause for the driver of bus 19, he gave tennis shoes to this man who was walking barefoot with another man, several of us gave him coins but he gave him his tennis shoes. And the man still told him ‘No, how do you think, and you?’ To which the driver replied, ‘Right now I’ll tell them to bring others, your friend will occupy them more.’ If you know this driver, bless him .. there are no such people anymore.”




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