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The surprising news stirred up the extra-league waters. Experienced forward Petr Kolouch is leaving for Bratislava, despite the fact that he had a valid contract in Olomouc.

“There are more reasons behind it,” he says

Peter Kolouch

attacker, 30 years old

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“I wasn’t happy with my role in the team. When the opportunity arose to leave, I was glad that Štyrský Hradec called,” he explains.

The technical center was one of those who signed a new contract with the Haná club at the end of April.

But in a few months, his future changed…

“There’s more to it than that.”

“I will be playing abroad for the first time, but I always wanted to try it. I’m really looking forward to it,” reports the new Graz99ers.

Kolouch was one of the most experienced fighters on the Olomouc roster, he played for the Roosters in the first league in the form of alternating starts. After a stint in Vítkovice, he moved to the club permanently four years ago.

Petr Kolouch’s goal action against Vítkovice

And as part of the attacking squadron, he did his part: he reached the limit of fifteen Canadian points in all seasons, and twice also surpassed the ten-goal mark. Previously, he paid more for scorers than shooters.

The holder of a bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing and business now awaits adaptation in the squad of a participant of the ICE Hockey League.

“When the opportunity arose to leave, I was glad that Graz called.”

“We want to get to the playoffs and fight for the best possible position. I believe that I will reach my full potential,” adds Kolouch.

According to information on the club’s website, he should join his new team on Thursday, the one-year contract also includes an option for another season.

Photo: Alena Zapletalová,

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